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  1. Hi, everyone! Thanks to the tutorial I made for myself a 3.5" mod. But I wanted to make it more safe in use, so that cables are connected in a more pro way . The project is not finished because the plastic case is not ready... 1) Here is how I made connection with the SATA cable GREEN, 12v YELLOW, gnd BLACK, and 5v taken from the other row of pins in sata section, because when You take 5v from the power supply connector the 5v is always there. http://www.picamatic.com/view/10201662_xbox360main_ura2/ The picture is not mine, but the sata, and power lines are 2) I made a big holes in my metal case, and put a sata+power connector http://www.picamatic.com/view/10201672_IMG_20140226_111344/ 3) top view http://www.picamatic.com/view/10201664_IMG_20140226_111333/ 4) and view with sata, and power cables connected http://www.picamatic.com/view/10201663_IMG_20140226_111413/ I will publish to you photos when I will finish
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