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  1. Hey everyone, always appreciate the help and this one really seems to be driving me nuts, never had an issue with Xm360. But now it seems to only scan one path and overlooks where I actually have my xbla titles. My rig: Corona 4gb External 1tb HDD with a 32gb MU formatted by the Xbox. FSD 3.0b Dashlaunch 3.10 Xm360 2.0b with CSV archive from Nov 18 Drives: OnboardMU (the 4gb internal memory) USB0: (the 1tb external that runs the show, where FSD boots from and where I have most of my content) USBMU: the extended fatx formatted drive 32gb on usb0 Paths set in FSD for content scanning: USBMU:Content (I have DLC here in a 0000s folder, xm360 finds this) USB0:GOD000000000000000000 (this is where my xbla games go) Usb0:Homebrew (where XM360 is installed) It goes by fast, but XM360 will ONLY scan USBMU and find the dlc, it ignores all the other drives. How can I make it just scan USBMU and USB0 like it used to? Only difference I've made lately was upgrading to dashlaunch 3.10, like I said I've never had any issues withXM360 just doing the job. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. wuzizname

    Battlefield 4

    Its the 2gb mandatory install that the game demands you install. I've read that its HD textures.
  3. wuzizname

    Battlefield 4

    Yeah I tried this and it didn't work... deleted all the games content of the external and just left the content piece / HD texture pack file on the MU partiton and ran disc 2 default.xex off a 8gig USB thumbstick. Still didn't work. Any other suggestions are appreciated... I just read that the single player campaign sucks and without system link I'll probably just pass on this. But there's still my OCD to deal with which is demanding I figure out why the damn thing won't work
  4. wuzizname

    Battlefield 4

    I guess I should be more clear - I have no internal HDD, only the 4gb flash memory that the corona came with. I have a single 1tb external HDD mounted via USB. The drive has a 32GB partition created by the xbox as a memory unit, the other 920 some-odd GBs are used as general storage for ripped discs. One drive with 2 partitions. I have always run my box like this and haven't had an issue with DLC or XBLA titles in the past until now. So currently I have the ripped discs on USB0:GamesBattlefield 4 The DLC content is installed on the same drive, but in the MU partition, USBMU0:Content000sGame ID002... etc I have a stock LD16 (?) DVD Rom and can't run burned discs. I rip all ISOs using exISO-GUI. Does this make sense? Thanks again.
  5. wuzizname

    Battlefield 4

    Hey Datastream, Thanks but that's what I did. The only thing in the Disc 1Contents folder is: Disc 1Content000s454109BA00002 [serial number file] It's a single 1.8gig file with a long ass serialized number, tucked into your typical DLC style directory tree on that Disc 1. So I did duplicate the tree in my USBMU0contentzeros directory.. same as always, but this time.. she no like.
  6. wuzizname

    Battlefield 4

    Hey Datastream. I ripped both DVDs using exISO and put the contents into my USB0:Games dir. The structure is: USB0:GamesBattlefield 4Disc 1 (<-all ripped disc 1 content here, disc 2 in same dir) I then used the Freestyle Dash File Explore and copied the HD textures pack folder in Disc 1 and pasted a copy into my USBMU0:Content000's directory.
  7. wuzizname

    Battlefield 4

    Hey Swizzy, hey all. Having probs with this and Swizzy's advice on the external HDD helped me before.. but this time I've come up empty. Specs: 4gb Corona 1TB external USB Freestyle 3 (latest build) Dashlaunch (I'm going to say 2-3 versions older, 3.06 or .07, whichever build came with the newest Fresstyle) File Structure of extracted discs: USB0:GamesBattlefield 4Disc 1 USB0:GamesBattlefield 4Disc 2 Manually copy/pasted Disc 1DataContents000's454109BA and pasted this folder into: USBMU0:Content000's This process was exactly the same as what I did with GTA 5 which worked perfectly. I have also unlocked the DLC with XM360 (tried leaving it be, and unlocking it, both did not work) I launch the single player mode via Disc 2's default.xex. I am prompted to install the HD textures. System offers me to chose my drive, I chose my 32gb configured partition. I get the start menu, select campaign. Then I am just hanging out with a picture of a tree while it loads endlessly. Seems like a lot of other people had success with the method I just described. Is this a M$Dash version (I think I'm 16203) or a Dashlaunch issue? Any suggestions, tips, help etc will be appreciated!
  8. Closing notes- FSD navigates to USBMU just fine and dandy. Posted the disc 1 into USBMU:Content000... and disc 2 into my usual game rip folder and she's all good! Thanks all.
  9. Hey guys - yeah this has gotta work, I have globs of space on the 32 gig partation I made as a extended MU. I don't know for Horizon, never had the need for it. Is this software the best to manage these partitions or do you guys have any recommendations for other / better? Or will FSD file manager navigate USBMU partition fine enough?
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. Saw another thread that made sense to me and I will try. I do have a 32gb partition on my external HDD that I formatted through the Xbox's M$ dash to extend as an official save device. Advice was to open this partition using Horizon or xplorer360 and injecting the Disc 1 files into it's contentzeros ... this makes sense to me and I'm going to give it a whirl. Hoping to not need another HDD, wallet is thin right now!
  11. Hey folks, having some frustration here and looking for any help you can offer. Specs: 360 slim Corona 4gb internal flash 1tb external HDD Freestyle dash 3.0b ver 775 M$ dash 16203 Installed Disc 1 files as instructed onto external HDD contentZero''s545087A (or whatever number was on disc 1) Installed Disc 2 files into my external HDD "Games" folder, like always. Both discs are installed and running off the external HDD, I couldn't install disc 1 content onto the internal mem card because it only has like 2 gigs of space on it. Both ISOs extracted using XBox Backup Creator v., ISO unpacked off PC and onto USB flash, loaded onto xbox. The game loads fine, load disc 2 and I get the intro, copy right notices, and warning not to shut off when saving icons etc.. then I get a screen showing bikini girl or hooker getting busted by the lady cop. I then hang out with her for a long time.. this is as far as I get. No errors, no warning, no crashing, but it doesn't progress past this. I tried deleting Disc 2 off the external, and running it off a 2nd USB drive to see if having another drive might make a difference, it doesn't. Unforunately, I can't burn a disc because my drive is stock firmware and not flashed. Any advice? Perhaps it is just a bad unpack? Any tips you can send my way will be super appreciated. Thanks in advance, W?
  12. I disabled screen shots in fsd plugin menu and it fixed the problem, thanks!
  13. In single player my Start button doesn't seem to work and like you I have to mash it a dozen times to get it to bring up the start button menu... Something strange going on here with this game!
  14. Thanks prayer. Trying to avoid formatting it again because it has significant amount of data on it, and have reformatted already and the situation repeats...
  15. I added a 36gb xbox system save to see if it would make any difference... and still no luck. I've also tried another USB 2.0 external case and tried the other case on a Windows XP and a Windows 7 machine. Device Manager shows the volume, under "disk drives" in hardware manager, and I can click on "populate" in the properties menu, it show: Disk: Disk 6 Type: basic Status: Online Partition: Master boot record (MBR) Capacity: 953867 MB Unallocated: 953867 MB (wrong!) Reserved space: 0 MB Shows the same in Computer Manager utility as device 6, online. Just can't mount it to a drive letter or open the bloody thing. I've unistalled the driver, turned the drive off and back on- windows recognizes it and installs it but the results are the same. I've also completely unistalled ALL of my USB devices, done a fresh restart with the drive plugged in... nope! The crazy thing is, I formatted this drive as FAT32 and copied over about 16gb of data onto this drive by THIS computer that no longer sees it! Something happened, moving the drive to the xbox360 has done something to it and now I can't open this external on Windows explorer anymore.. I suspect shenigans by M$? Any other ideas?
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