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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. I have a corona rgh xbox 360 slim. I downloaded all dlcs for Just Dance 4. If i put them all to dlc folder (there is 20 of them) at the same time game won't load them and crashes(fatal crash intercepted) when i try to load a song. If i put like 10 of them all of them works fine. So i can't put more than 11 dlcs at the same time to 00000002 folder or they won't work. What could cause this problem? How could i avoid it? I would like to play all dlcs at the same time. Putting files back and forth is not fun.
  2. Is there kinect support for Aurora? something like what FSD had would be great
  3. Hi all, I had my xbox 360 chipped a while ago with a dual boot system (press a button and have all the good stuff of a RGH console, press again, go back to a factory console). i didn't do this myself, as i am not competent enough... i sent my xbox to a shop to do that. for some reason i got installed a fairly old version of FSD3, it wasn't a problem so i left it there. I always played kinect games from disk on the original dashboard and works fine Now i tried to run a kinect game on RGH version and it complains that it needs a system update to enable kinect support. I have tried everything (even connect to live on the normal dashboard and do a update) but i still don't have kinect support. I have been trying to get this to work for 3 weeks... i am nearing my sanity limit. While playing around with this i tried to update to the latest FSD, change to Aurora, go back to FSD. I also found the connectx pluging interesting (and very useful) and would like to try it, but i only got it to show the conx folder once and it showed empty (it should be full of stuff). on the latest version of FSD i can navigate to a smb share and it logs in as guest automatically, but doesn't save the game path Any help would be greatly appreciated, at least to get the kinect up and running Best regards
  4. after my xbox is cracked it is showing "A system update is required to use kinect"when i try to run any kinect game. this is a pic of my console info. guys please help
  5. Vaynen

    LiNK and Kinect

    Hello everyone! First off I would like to thank everyone here for their great help, support, tutorials and everything! Love this scene Also, many thanks to the people behind FS3 and LiNK. I have one question for which I am not sure if it is possible, and that is using Kinect for voice chat during games. I tried playing Gears of War 3, created a party, had a few people join but I could not respond in voice chat. I am not too familiar with Kinect since I've only been using it for a few days now, but in the standard XboX 360 system settings it says I can use the Kinect microphone for chat during online play. When FS3 launches I can see the Kinect being active, and can give voice command (very awesome ) but when I launch GoW3 the Kinect goes into stand-by mode or something. Need I get a headset from the store to do voice chat in LiNK or can the Kinect work? Thanks for any and all comments.
  6. Hello, I have been reading a few tutorials and followed all steps required to update the kernel of my RGH 360. Right now, I have the 16197 version and FreeStyle3 installed. Everything works fine. The last step is doing the system update for avatar and kinect support. I have tried 3 different USB sticks with either $SystemUpdate or $$ystemUpdate folders, but none of them seem to work. I plug them in and start the 360 with the power button, but nothing happens, I just end up in dashboard. I have set noupdater = false in launch.ini , removed the .ini file from the HDD root, but nothing helps. I am posting this here in the hope that this sounds familiar to someone and I can get a pointer or tip on things I can try. I have downloaded the update manually from http://www.homebrew-...system_updates/ but have also used the XeBuild GUI version to prepare my USB sticks. Anyone have any idea why my xbox does not take the system update? Thanks in advance for any comments
  7. Hi, I hope someone can help me. whenever i tried to play kinect games in FSD 2.2, it starts to boot and I get the various kinect screens then it crashes back to the xbox home page. I'm using Dash version 2.2 Rev725 Kernel version 2.0.16197.0 All other normal games works fine except the kinect games. Can you give me any tutorial on how to resolve this? thanks. I tried to search it on forums i can't seem to find the answer on how to resolve this. Many thanks
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