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  1. I fixed this issue. Turns out game can't load so many dlcs at once. What i did was trying to troubleshoot if one dlc was broken. But after trying to adding them one by one i saw they load just fine. After i added all dlcs all of them worked fine. It took me almost half an hour though. Now all of them works fine in game. That's really strange.
  2. Yes, i downloaded and activated title update 2 via Aurora, also they are already on HDD1.
  3. Yeah thats also first thing that came to my mind but i couldn't find anything at google. Except some guy using dolphin emulator for wii having same problem with me. It's really interesting. https://bugs.dolphin-emu.org/issues/10128
  4. Hi. I have a corona rgh xbox 360 slim. I downloaded all dlcs for Just Dance 4. If i put them all to dlc folder (there is 20 of them) at the same time game won't load them and crashes(fatal crash intercepted) when i try to load a song. If i put like 10 of them all of them works fine. So i can't put more than 11 dlcs at the same time to 00000002 folder or they won't work. What could cause this problem? How could i avoid it? I would like to play all dlcs at the same time. Putting files back and forth is not fun.
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