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  1. Hi all, I had my xbox 360 chipped a while ago with a dual boot system (press a button and have all the good stuff of a RGH console, press again, go back to a factory console). i didn't do this myself, as i am not competent enough... i sent my xbox to a shop to do that. for some reason i got installed a fairly old version of FSD3, it wasn't a problem so i left it there. I always played kinect games from disk on the original dashboard and works fine Now i tried to run a kinect game on RGH version and it complains that it needs a system update to enable kinect support. I have tried everything (even connect to live on the normal dashboard and do a update) but i still don't have kinect support. I have been trying to get this to work for 3 weeks... i am nearing my sanity limit. While playing around with this i tried to update to the latest FSD, change to Aurora, go back to FSD. I also found the connectx pluging interesting (and very useful) and would like to try it, but i only got it to show the conx folder once and it showed empty (it should be full of stuff). on the latest version of FSD i can navigate to a smb share and it logs in as guest automatically, but doesn't save the game path Any help would be greatly appreciated, at least to get the kinect up and running Best regards
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