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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there guys! new to the site and want to ask - can i use my jtag/rgh as a DLNA server to stream movies,music..... from other devices like my pc or phone using UPNP softwere/app to the video/music app on the nxe dash, not through live or something like this using the device default video/music player/app the 360 connected to internet to fsd use and live block. (im using serviio on the pc) like in this video (without the live enable) -
  2. Hey guys, I'm from germany and i want to connect me to the System Link. But only the UPNP failed in the settings and i can't connect to system link :/ I unlocked the ports in my router. And there iaren't who i can manage UPNP. Please help (router:speedport w724V) I'm sry for my bad english
  3. hi guys! i did everything in this video to play with LiNK: and everything is ok except that UPNP Enabled Router Not Found and i enabled it on my router settings. what shold i do to make it work i realy want t play on link!!
  4. Hello Guys, First I would like to appreciate and Thanks to people who have worked hard to make this website and tools. Also to those who step up to guide others. I have Xbox 360 with Kernel 16203 and FSD 3. I have been trying to connect to xlink for a while but no luck so far. I ma using a USB internet Dongle "MTS Mblaze AC2787" Its from ZTE. I can connect to Jqe360 also downloaded TU's on FSD3. I have tried to place settings which I found on Youtube Videos about XLINK. I get pass ratings in Ping Path, Dev link disabled, Jqe360. Problems I am facing are: 1. Can't forward Ports 2. Default Gateway - Blank 3. UPnp Router Not Found 4. Data Ports 3071-3072 both Fail 5. Don't have access to ISP as they dont allow I guess I don't know where and what to do next as I have tried to search about port forwarding but couldn't get anything solid. I hope you can help me out here and show me the way. Thanks Solanki1
  5. Hi,i have now installed F3 and i am signed at JQE360 (nick: yoshi)At home, my router could find LAN games, but at my friend it doesn't I have old Fat xbox360 and the newest F3 dash board with newest dash-launch (I can login to jqe360 though, but when i go to "system link" on CoD:BO2 .. it couldnt find anything)When i am at F3 plugin and hit test ... all passes but PORTs always fail :(What am i doing wrong ? I have tried to set on my router (D-Link) some virtual site with my ports (30000) and then i added it to F plugin but it still doesnt work ... if you have some advice or same problem please let me know :)Thanks very much and greetings from Czech republic
  6. yadabouth


    i cant see games in black ops 2, I've done port-forward and enabled ping patch and devlink but upnp is never found I've seen hundreds saying enable it and unenable and ping patch etc. I have done everything known to man I know its a beta but when I hear everyone's connecting its driving me mad i can see rooms and people through the system link app on xb guide i join the room but cant find any games through system link ive also tried it with halo wars/bo 1/halo4/borderlands1/2 so i have tried alot so please help me ?
  7. After trying to set up link and having some issues and then trying to read up on various threads i decided to correlate all them here I do not have the answers to your questions, in fact i need to ask some of my own But if we keep them in the same place it will be easier for us and future users to read about fixes Please use the following tags if you post a reply asking questions Setting up link UPNP UPNP problems LinkJQE360.com Link help Link Plugin Link Portforwarding By using these tags in your reply other users can easily find the same info without searcing individual posts Mods please move any threads/post you feel related to this to tidy up the questions and answers Slim
  8. Hi All, I just got F3 up and running, now trying to get the F3 LiNK Plugin settings to work with my Apple Airport Extreme Base Station router. I have set up the DHCP reservation to identify the Black Xbox360S by MAC Address and assign it to IP Address Next, I assigned Port Settings to the IP Address Black Xbox360S. I have tried all combonations of 1000 & 1001, 3074, 88 in the UDP & TCP Port Settings. Does anyone know the UDP & TCP Port Settings for the router and Data and Broadcast Posts for the F3 LiNK Plugin using AEBS ? On the F3 Settings/Plugin Settings/F3Plugin/Test,it tells me: 'UPNP Enabled Router Not Found'. Im not sure if this is a deal breaker or not. UPNP is a Microsoft Protocol and I've been told that I can achieve simular results to UPNP by setting up the NAT settings under Network Options or I may not need to set this up at all. I have not yet tried the 'Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol' or 'Enable Default Host At: 10.0.1.xx ' options because I dont think it'll do much good until I get the UDP & TCP settings right. Im not sure, but it looks like this option either routes the Xbox traffic through a computer or sets up a home sharing network without internet. Not entirly sure tho. Next, I've got another Grey Xbox360S @ It looks like once I use a set of ports on Black Xbox360S IP Address, I cant use the same ports on the Grey Xbox360S IP Address I tried to upload screenshots of my router settings to this post, doesnt seem to want to let me tho. UPDATE! Router Settings: Description: Black Xbox360S Public UDP Ports: 88, 3074, 1000 Public TCP Ports: 3074, 1001 Private IP Address: Private UDP Ports: 88, 3074, 1000 Private TCP Ports: 3074, 1001 I reconfigured the Xbox Network Settins to Manual IP Settings: Subnet Mask: Gateway: DSN Settings: Manual Primary DNS Server: (Provided by ISP in the Internet Tab in Airport Utility) Secondary DNS Server: (Provided by ISP in the Internet Tab in Airport Utility) Now, with the UPNP box unchecked and Data Port: 1000 and Broadcast Port: 1001, I get: UPNP Status: UPNP Enabled Router Not Found Data Port Status: Port 1000 TCP; Fail UDP; Pass Broadcast Port Status: Port 1001 TCP; Pass UDP; Fail JQE360 Athentication Status: Pass I seem to be getting closer, not quite there yet, I still need help.
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