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  1. Hello Guys, First I would like to appreciate and Thanks to people who have worked hard to make this website and tools. Also to those who step up to guide others. I have Xbox 360 with Kernel 16203 and FSD 3. I have been trying to connect to xlink for a while but no luck so far. I ma using a USB internet Dongle "MTS Mblaze AC2787" Its from ZTE. I can connect to Jqe360 also downloaded TU's on FSD3. I have tried to place settings which I found on Youtube Videos about XLINK. I get pass ratings in Ping Path, Dev link disabled, Jqe360. Problems I am facing are: 1. Can't forward Ports 2. Default Gateway - Blank 3. UPnp Router Not Found 4. Data Ports 3071-3072 both Fail 5. Don't have access to ISP as they dont allow I guess I don't know where and what to do next as I have tried to search about port forwarding but couldn't get anything solid. I hope you can help me out here and show me the way. Thanks Solanki1
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