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Found 2 results

  1. SuRbO


    Hi, just curious if anyone here has a network setup that's working well with System Link behind a Pfsense box? - I'm not sure if I am missing some additional firewall rules or what.. but as far as I know the ports are open and plugin tests show a "pass". what is odd is, I can host and people can join my server, but I have trouble connecting to their servers.. I tried going back to my Netgear R7000 w/ dd-wrt and sure enough all works fine, but I would really like to get this working with Pfs because performance difference is really noticeable on my network, especially when the whole family is home and online.
  2. Hi All, I just got F3 up and running, now trying to get the F3 LiNK Plugin settings to work with my Apple Airport Extreme Base Station router. I have set up the DHCP reservation to identify the Black Xbox360S by MAC Address and assign it to IP Address Next, I assigned Port Settings to the IP Address Black Xbox360S. I have tried all combonations of 1000 & 1001, 3074, 88 in the UDP & TCP Port Settings. Does anyone know the UDP & TCP Port Settings for the router and Data and Broadcast Posts for the F3 LiNK Plugin using AEBS ? On the F3 Settings/Plugin Settings/F3Plugin/Test,it tells me: 'UPNP Enabled Router Not Found'. Im not sure if this is a deal breaker or not. UPNP is a Microsoft Protocol and I've been told that I can achieve simular results to UPNP by setting up the NAT settings under Network Options or I may not need to set this up at all. I have not yet tried the 'Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol' or 'Enable Default Host At: 10.0.1.xx ' options because I dont think it'll do much good until I get the UDP & TCP settings right. Im not sure, but it looks like this option either routes the Xbox traffic through a computer or sets up a home sharing network without internet. Not entirly sure tho. Next, I've got another Grey Xbox360S @ It looks like once I use a set of ports on Black Xbox360S IP Address, I cant use the same ports on the Grey Xbox360S IP Address I tried to upload screenshots of my router settings to this post, doesnt seem to want to let me tho. UPDATE! Router Settings: Description: Black Xbox360S Public UDP Ports: 88, 3074, 1000 Public TCP Ports: 3074, 1001 Private IP Address: Private UDP Ports: 88, 3074, 1000 Private TCP Ports: 3074, 1001 I reconfigured the Xbox Network Settins to Manual IP Settings: Subnet Mask: Gateway: DSN Settings: Manual Primary DNS Server: (Provided by ISP in the Internet Tab in Airport Utility) Secondary DNS Server: (Provided by ISP in the Internet Tab in Airport Utility) Now, with the UPNP box unchecked and Data Port: 1000 and Broadcast Port: 1001, I get: UPNP Status: UPNP Enabled Router Not Found Data Port Status: Port 1000 TCP; Fail UDP; Pass Broadcast Port Status: Port 1001 TCP; Pass UDP; Fail JQE360 Athentication Status: Pass I seem to be getting closer, not quite there yet, I still need help.
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