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  1. Hey!! This is amazing work! Back then, I sold (almost gave away) my RGH 360 because I had bought the Xbox ONE. Felt bad about it and, recently, I bought my console back. So, only to say I love what you've done and a big THANK YOU for not forgetting. I'm back and trying this "new" Aurora dash, looks nice!! Thanks for all your hard work. See you around. Cheers and a huge thanks to the ones who made this possible!
  2. Thank you very much for the emulator!!!
  3. Consgratulations ickna11!!
  4. That would be perfect!! Thank you so much! As for the translations, I edited the skin.xml file so I have, at least, the titles in english. So, that's good for me. As for the icons, I'm going to try and add others that I prefer. If you add the option to edit icons and tabs in tour skin, I think it would be even more perfect!!!! hahaha Anyway, thanks for everything!
  5. This is an awsome skin. I've been using it and I love it! Apart from what has been said, I just have one (well, two actually) suggestion to make. Is it possible to change the profile "sign out" button? Sometimes I press the B button just for.......nothing.......lol and it signs out. Also, and only IF you want to, you can use this with your skin: http://www.mediafire.com/?b60evd8olhld372 I've been using it and it works perfectly with your creation. Again, thanks for this!! Great work!!!!
  6. WOW!! Awsome!! Thanks for sharing...
  7. 445+ XBLA games?? Come on........ You can't be serious! Anyway, you better start playing. Or you'll die before you can play them all.
  8. WOW, that's great!! I would definately use it. Who knows if someday we can get something like the facebook chat or something. That way we could chat, send stuff, etc. Awsome work, mate!
  9. Great post! Although I haven't had any issue with the update, it's always better to check everything. Just for the record, I updated through FSD Update and it works just as fine as the previous revision. Loving the Screenshot feature!! It's REALLY great!!! Thanks for everything.
  10. Hey there! You can always check what games are the most played on the homepage, through the RMS LINK Widget. Anyway, try Black Ops 2. It's the most played game everywhere. Also, Gears of War Judjment.
  11. RacerX

    Coverflow Layout

    No problem, sorry I didn't see this earlier... Anyway, OP updated with new link. Thanks!
  12. Sorry I haven't seen this earlier. Thanks! But I'm not that great... Your themes, on the other hand, are awsome!! Been using your "Slide" one. It's so good!!!! Thanks a lot.
  13. Looks good!!! Looking forward to it.
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