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  1. The work around is simple they just didn't check boundries properly and wanted to make sure everything was loaded at once, However doing such also adds lag time to the startup and display of shit anyways... so they may as well just go down the route of only loading the images of the covers curently being displayed instead of all of them all at once. From my experience using the dash so far the use of multithreading seems poor as well... This is actually my first time using FSD considering every other time I was actually on jtag/rgh I prefered XEXMenu and the simplicity of it. @jbp210, No need to insult others or reply to their posts with rude comments even if they are asking the same question rather then responding with trolling posts or such why don't you lay it down for them saying something along the lines of, "This has already been posted, use the search button before posting and you'll find your solution". As you said no need to be rude and no one asked you to respond to every post on the forum "trying to help people" ( To up your own post count and look cool ), either from what I'm aware of.
  2. If I had the source I would, but JQE told me I wasn't needed on team FSD even though in the past before I disappeared for awhile my assistance was requested. That and I really don't and didn't have the time to work on xbox stuff like now, This is my first week break in a year of working, and spending time with my son/taking care of him recently. Can't stop being a dick when you're a dick now can you, It'd be contrary to what you've just stated that I am a dick if I wasn't to act like one . Meh, It's nice to have them all loaded so that you can browse through a selection of crap from over the years to see if there's anything you have interest in, plus when you have ADD you get bored within the 1st 5mins of most games and want to play something else so it makes sense to have a larger collection of crap in order to solve the ADD you have and still be entertained. Beyond that a lot of people who play the 360 I have setup have different inetersts such as my fiance, my son, my roommate or random ass friends/family who come over on the daily and just sit there and play crap because they're bored and I'm working... It comes down to asking if it's really necessary to have an SNES rom collection or Sega Gensis rom collection, You may just find a classic you've never played before and it turns out you actually liked it browsing through it all. Oh an P.S., I'm not that much of a dick, this jbp210 brought it on himself.. If you're going to troll people or be a dick yourself expect it in return, don't get but hurt and call people rude/cry about it. E.X. Also: Technically they are demos before they're loaded into the 360 with a content patch applied .
  3. NXE style, no crash looks like my assumption of it crashing due to graphic based ram was correct. Now tell who ever coded that portion to fix it not to load everything all at once common these practices should always be taken into consideration when programming anything. Like I said less overhead = less lag, which means faster FSD .
  4. I was having problems similar to this with a 2tb drive what I wound up doing was partitioning it into 2 seperate sections of 1tb, It seems to be an issue with the 360 rather then FSD it doesn't like drives over 1tb ( At least in my own experience ), I couldn't tell you how to reset the crap, you'd have to delete the database files which I believe are SQLite and knowing such you could even open those in an SQLite editor and remove what ever it is you're looking for instead of having to reset the entire thing completely.
  5. I downloaded game demos/trials, which are readily avaliable with a valid xbox live connection just because I grabbed them via any other means does not mean they were pirated or that I am discussing piracy. Also, It's not a corrupt ( yes it's spelled corrupt sound it out with me now co-rru-pt, not curr-opt) game I've made sure of that if you would mind waiting for an actual dev to respond before giving your theories of what it could be that'd be great , assuming the appropriate checks are already being done a corrupt game or container wouldn't cause such an issue as it would compare the header to the actual file content to ensure it is infact valid... My guess and or theory to the matter is the fact that so many cover photos are being loaded when the 360 has a limited amount of graphic ram what should be done is the covers should be loaded in seperate batches instead of being loaded all at once ( as the page of games is being accessed load out of the batch and display it instead of loading EVERYTHING into graphic ram, this should greatly increase the speed of FSD as well less overhead on the system means less lag ). I haven't debugged this any further but I plan to and I'll look through to see if DashLaunch is able to catch the crash and debug it further not running on a dev kernel currently or else I'd narrow it down to a specific function and actually tell you where the issue is occuring exactly via kdnet or such ( it's been awhile since I've screwed with the 360 ). If it is any thing of the sort of it being a corrupt container then common guys I thought you were better then that bounderies checking and all not assuming just because the header states the file is x length means that y length is the real length of the file and you need to attempt to read via x being the header definition, Simple as if(FileVariable.LengthProprety = HeaderValue.Length) { read }... although I guess you don't even read the entire file but rather sections of it None the less you still shouldn't attempt to open/use something before you properly determine whether or not it's going to crash from a invalid pointer.
  6. Even if your ports are forwarded that doesn't mean the other users are (Your issue could be with them rather then you, it happens commonly and usde to happen to me in my XBC days where some people couldn't join my games just because their ports weren't forwarded properly yet they could join others, How that works is beyond me I never spent the time looking into it any further) Try DMZing your 360 see if it helps some routers don't always forward properly, and UPNP doesn't always work either I personally experience a problem with a netgear prosafe firewall where when I DMZ'd, Port Forwarded and Enabled UPNP obviously seperately it still didn't work. It wasn't until now I even was able to use LiNK, while port forwarding on any other application/device with that router did work LiNK didn't like it. For the longest time I blamed it on the wireless adapter I was using, until I got my new fiber line installed and I actually liked the router provided by my ISP. With this router UPNP didn't work, I didn't try port forwarding but DMZing my 360 did the trick right away.
  7. So I got bored set backup my rgh and decided I have a new 150mbit fiber line why not grab one of these XBLA collections off usenet. So upon doing just that and loading everything onto my HDD FSD now crashes while browsing through the collection of games, at first it was a hard crash where the whole 360 would lock up next it was an actual exception catch which said that FSD had crashed. Info on system running, 16203, DL 3.07, F3 v735 Haven't had problems till now I'll post up the debug log if you guys wanna take a look, but try for your self toss that collection of 200gb games on a drive and try browsing through them in FSD , seems to me like the memory graphic or system isn't being managed properly I.E. You guys load all the covers at once instead of when they're needed so they're avaliable on real time may not be the best solution for larger collections.
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