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  1. Awesome Metro Red skin, is my favorite because get high contrast of Ui ! I love it so much! 💖Thank you! 👌
  2. 💗Thank you very much for your work on this skin!
  3. Hi, this is my work for Aurora 0.7b Translation look good , as always is not "perfect" because field of some elements trim out text, but is nice enough to been released babiz-IT.xzp
  4. 🙂 I thank you for your interest. the world would be a better place with people like you. Goodbye!
  5. Thank you for this work ! Also I agree with this! (Dark Green better)
  6. Yes I agree this, many skinners made great work but because new 0.7b is pop out, previous skins are unavailable for now and that's why I proposed a better standard interface of the elements (which are easily readable even by people with visual difficulties)
  7. Hello Team Phoenix, I write this because the default skin for Aurora is really "poor" in terms of visual accessibility. Some folks with eye problem like me, get harder to use some stuffs like filemanager etc , when contrast of elements is very bad or similar.. I like to see much darker skin color (dark green, dark grey, black and white for example) and high contrast text elements for default skin. I hope some dev team get this as important thing to do :D Also I tryed to made changhes to default skin, unpacked it and modifyed some PNG's colors from light green to dark green, but I'm fail to apply this changes because I'd not know, just repack it with xzp tool v2 but Aurora hanghs on boot (with black screen) when it applied, after restarting. Maybe windows paint is not good to change skin UI colors? ;( boh. I'm not figure it out. Why is needed for symply change elements color at now. Anyway thank so much for you work on this really great project!
  8. Beware about my translation is not fully perfect.. some object requires size tuning or short description to fit better into standard default Aurora skin. Anyway feel free to apply yours own modify to it-IT.xml file uploaded. @Swizzy, your Language pack downloader is very cool, thanks for your work.
  9. What is "360impGui" ? Next according to me, ftp is also "on the fly" and easyer, and supported by 360 Content manager. Try to make ftp connect trought inbuilt windows file manager , simply write right address url format into address bar and go on.
  10. Hi @Swizzy, first of all , many thanks for your hard work, You're awesome man. So next, I'm just here for posting my translation job for Italian folks! Hope this is enough accurate for add it to official Aurora 0.6B release. Inside .zip file you can find .xml , .dat and .xzp made with your fantastic translation tool. bye bye Translation files for 0.6B release IT-IT.zip
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