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  1. KirovAir

    Site Maintenance

    Just wanted to add: When I'm visiting http://realmodscene.com (without www.) I get an nginx page.
  2. KirovAir

    [Skin] Aurora SteamOS

    Very nicely done! Thanks.
  3. KirovAir

    360mpGui and others

    This is true, but kinda irrelevant in his case, since he's already playing 'scrubbed' games. I did not know that some games required the padding/ap2.5 to work on a JTAG'd xbox. That's good to know.
  4. KirovAir

    360mpGui and others

    7.29GB is the disc (ISO) size. Since not every game is that exact size the remaining is filled with just padding (useless) data. So it's completely possible that a game is just 600mb big while the ISO is padded to 7.29GB.
  5. KirovAir

    Xbox goes to sleep during large file transfers

    Thanks! I will try this tonight.
  6. Hi team, I want to upgrade my Xbox HDD so I started making a backup of my game library (which is stored on the internal HDD) using an external drive and the Aurora file manager. All goes well during copying except after a (long) while the xbox warns that it will go to sleep. Even though my controller is connected and I move LS around a bit. (You can not press A button because it will cancel the copy process) So the xbox will shut down during the transfer. If anyone knows a workaround I'd love to know. Otherwise consider this as a (small) bug report and let me know if you need any details.
  7. KirovAir

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Try turning off RSS feed in LiNK settings on Aurora.
  8. KirovAir

    Development Environment setup tutorials?

    Thanks guys, helpful responses. I got some code running and now let's see how long it takes before I want to buy a Dev kit before being fed up with my retail glitch unit.
  9. KirovAir

    Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    Which FTP client are you using and how many upload threads? I get around 6 MB/s per thread as well but with 2+ threads enabled the throughput still maxes around 12 MB/s which more than fine for me.
  10. Hi all, Are there any tutorials out there which explain how to (properly) setup a dev environment for xbox 360 homebrew (with, or without the proprietary SDK)? With some tips how to quickly build/debug on/to your xbox 360 and which tools to use. (Visual Studio, Dev-Cpp?) I have quite some programming experience but just getting started with my good old xbox. I know most SDK/tooling is outdated but I'd love to play with it. If someone could enlighten me what a recommended setup to use is that would be awesome. Edit: After some searching it seems this setup is recommended: Visual Studio 2010 Xbox 360 SDK Xbox 360 Neighborhood + xbdm (for fast remote launching?/this will enable breakpoints/debugging?) Am I in the right here? As soon as I get home I'll try to get it up 'n running. Cheers.
  11. KirovAir

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    That makes sense. Thanks for the swift response.
  12. KirovAir

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Great work, once again! Really looking forward to another release. You guys keep my xbox (and the scene!) alive. (Except donating) is there any way to help/chime in on the development progress? Also a small feature request: Would it be possible to have an option to always show details of a game before boot? So replace A behaviour for Y? Since I like the cover view so much.
  13. KirovAir

    Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work! It's appreciated a lot. Cheers from the Netherlands!