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  1. but i dont want retrorch or the ps1 emulator i want these beetle-pce-fast-libretro -> TurboGrafx-16beetle-vb-libretro -> Nintendo Virtual Boybeetle-wswan-libretro -> Wonderswan emulatorfba-libretro -> Final burn alphagambatte-libretro -> Gameboy Color/GameboyGenesis-Plus-GX -> Sega Genesislibretro-fceumm -> Nintendolibretro-prboom -> Boom (Doom Engine)mame2003-libretro -> Mame 0.78nestopia -> Nintendonxengine-libretro -> Cave Story engine Clonesnes9x-next -> Super Nintendotyrquake -> Quake Enginevba-next -> Gameboy Advanced
  2. where is the link for downloading these emulators ?
  3. i have the same problems downloads in menu is gray , i put the dlc in content folder 0000000000000000000 < is this correct ?
  4. i rescanned all paths all is good now only wierd thing is i have 2 tomb raider games with the same name ! but the covers are not the same when i go to file manager i can see 1 is tomb raider and the other is rise of the tomb raider
  5. i dont have scannpaths i deleted them all iam transfering about 12 extra games now ,
  6. can i delete the thumbnail folder ? i only have 1 internal tb thats hdd1 Usb0 1.5tb < external content folder < god games and arcade games nothing else aurora 0.6 /free style dash 3 / dash launch 3.18.1
  7. because today i added 10 more xbox360 games so tatal of 360 games when i did a rescan to show the new games i added now aurora is showing 720 covers !! nothing changed at the arcade section witch i have 500 games of all covers are 1 not double ,but at the xbox360 section all covers are double ! can i delete all sources and add them again and rescan the covers !! wil this fix it only thing i dont like about aurora is the double covers !!
  8. is there a way to delete covers ? in aurora
  9. xmen wolverine game always worked !! i have changed nothing settings etc < aurora i tried freestyle dash ! the game works perfect !
  10. i put the content files in the content folder and the game on usb0 gta v loads but its stuck at loading story mode screen and my tv is flashing ! ? maybe both files need to be god ?
  11. TID:425307D1 MID:013FE217 VER DISC1 TU0
  12. maybe i shoud trie another copy of oblivion
  13. media id as in de id of the game when iam in oblivion and i press the xbox logo button i see TID:425307D1 in the aurora trainer pack i i have found the trainer with the same number but its stil not showing up trainers are installed in game user trainers
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