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  1. try opening CMD -> type "DISKPART" -> type"list disk" -> see for yourself what disk you want to format and write down the disk number -> type "select disk x"(number instead of x) -> after selecting type "clean" after that try again formatting it with your xbox
  2. Yeah had this problem before when transferring games from external hdd. Has not really something to do with ftp i think, once the file is transferred aurora never has any problems reading the data, transferring is where the issue comes in. Had this alot when not changing folder names after extracting, for example : "Lord Of The Rings War In The North [MULTI][XBOX360][Region Free][XDG2][COMPLEX][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM]" this would give an error in XEXmenu,FSD and aurora, but not when launching, only when transferring. Love the theme though!
  3. The ++ in the filenames make my xbox put out an error 123 when transferring, changed filename and it was fine. (error 123 has to do with illegal filenames and syntaxes)
  4. Can do Dutch, german and french translations if needed.
  5. Daan Bakelants

    COD MW2

    tu6 zombies and i'm in!
  6. Greatly appreciating this, have played with you many times
  7. Yes on tu6 there is a zombie mod with AI zombies also there was a typo in my skype acc, fixed it
  8. im in add me on skype obesitasinoblivion
  9. Well the title says it all, I'm into every game, i truly wanna play MW2 tu6 zombies, I can even host it. Skype= Obesitasinoblivion
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