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  1. hello there i have a problem with my jtag when i try to turn it on i had this message and it turns of immeditaly please help and also the fan speed when it is booting up is soo high sorry if there is mistakes because english isn't my language the attached photo explain the message that i have when booting up
  2. and sure i have installed the avatar update
  3. it isn't online and i know the rules of this site i have tried it just for once
  4. i have tried to install the title update and i tried to launch it from the fx menu and xex menu and aurora and freestyle and still stuck and i have tried to install it with iso2god and i always install with None padding option and still the same and i'm using my internal hard drive and i have searched and one told me to see my dashluanch settings but i don't know anything about using dashlaunch if there is problem with dashlaunch could you sed me the perfect lanch.ini ?? And if there is any thing new just ask me to do and i will try it one my console Pes 2015 and pes 2016 demo useb to work fine but after updating the dashboard and changing nand and using xenon for going online with jtag it stopped working and started to stuck like that is this the problem ??
  5. thanks for helping but it didn't work for both
  6. i still have the problem with PES 2016 And Pes 2017 demo that stucks at the start menu but after trying to many things i found a solution but it's very stupid i have oped xbox 360 neighborhood and try to refresh the game folder and it worked but it need to refresh every second and i need to know is this problem with my console or in the settings only and if this is fixable ??
  7. I used To have this problem after updating my dashboard but i have searched for solution and i have found one while updating the nand using the XeBuild i have checked the box that have the option of disable FCRT.bin Check and the DVD games works Perfect i hope it works for
  8. hello There I'm using An Rgh and i Have Installed PES 2016 Iso on it and stuck at the menu screen i have tried to install It as GOD format but still the same can anyone help me with this and it also stucks sometime while openning and force me to restart the console i wish someone help me and sorry for my english it isn't my language
  9. Thanks Guys i Have Tried Another way and it worked i have deleted the system update of kinect system and connected the usb and press Y when highlighted and i have found the option called make system drive Thanks For Help
  10. i can't find that menu i have tried it while i was in setting >: storage but it doesn't have this option and i tried it when i connected the usb on the dashboard nothing happened can you just tell what to do slowly and with details please when i go to setting and to storage i found the usb configured already as always but when i highlighted it and press Y it show me 4 options Rename Format Clear System Cache Transfer Content those are the options that appear to me
  11. i'm using dashboard 17502 and ii can't understand what should i do i have tried to format it and tried to clear system cache and still the same and what does USBMU style mean and i don't have this option i have tried this but it doesn't work thanks for helping my friend

    pes 2013 patch

    i Have The Patch for pes 2013 for Season 2015-2016 if you need this tell me i Have only season 15-16 for xbox 360
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