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  1. xhost

    Skin ideas

    Hello, I would like a skin like this in Aurora it's possible?
  2. hello, how is everything working?? can you release the skin for testing??
  3. keep upp the good work.. waiting to se an alpha version to test your new skin. very nice
  4. xhost

    Skin ideas

    @felida ... more people want the look like metro style. It would be nice to start making a skin that mimic the origi al design of nxe metro style. Can you focus on this?
  5. xhost

    Skin ideas

    can you start to make another skin?? i would really like to see a skin similar to nxe to keep it more like the original
  6. xhost

    Skin ideas

    a skin similar to xbox 360 nxe dash.. to look like the original
  7. gavin_darkglider ... Hey man tks for explaining me all that stuff. I have understand. I will keep for online my xbox one s guys keep up the good work with aurora
  8. i know is a free app ... my xbox is rgh i dont have access to online to download youtube .... if you ar not going to help way are you here???
  9. can someone provide the youtube app and the latest TU ??? i have a friend working with coding .. is going to help me to find a way to make it work my friend is working for EA GAME.
  10. Hello, first of all sorry for my english Can someone provide the latest youtube app for xbox360 ?? 423607D3 title id. I have on my xbox360 console an old version from 2011 title id - 423607D1. In may 2014 Microsoft anunoced that netflix; hulu and youtube app will work without xbox live gold services. I'm using netflix on my 360 and is working great. I would like to try youtube app. I'm not using other metods to enter online with my rgh to download the youtube app because i have an xbox one on the same network and i don't want to be baned. and for phoenix team keep up the good working and sorry to mention about online on jtga/rgh
  11. and by the way .. No boxart for netflix... the only verison of youtube i have is from 2011 .. Xbox One and Xbox 360 will drop the requirement for an Xbox Live paid membership to access services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Microsoft announced in may 2014 ... netflix don't required xbox live services and is working ... can someone post an recent youtube app ???
  12. Working ..... can someone provide the youtube app?? the latest youtube pp don't require xbox live gold .. just xbox live user maybe we can try with fakelive or just spoof live on console .. i would realy like yotube on my xbox 360.
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