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  1. snart

    DashLaunch 3.10

    Yeah, it doesn't work. Well, I stopped using the Disk Swapper plugin and have only been using FSD for swapping. If you do a search, you'll see that the normal way of disc swapping to work doesn't here. You have to do some kooky stuff like converting to GOD format first.
  2. snart

    DashLaunch 3.10

    Did this fix the Splinter Cell Blacklist disc swap issue? Just curious.
  3. Yeah. Same thing happened to me. Dashlaunch survived the upgrade. Interesting.
  4. Wow - this was easy. Interestingly, I didn't have to reinstall Dashlaunch after upgrade the dashboard. It was still there.
  5. When I copied everything over from one hard drive to another, I couldn't get FSD to scan the new drive. Had to reinstall FSD. Sometimes, that's what it takes.
  6. I think that's just how you solve a lot of problems with FSD. Reinstalling is sometimes faster than pulling your hair out.
  7. Strangely, I'm having the EXACT same problem, and I *never* have FTP issues. [uPDATE] Same problem with FileZilla. [uPDATE 2] Converting to GOD did the trick.
  8. Quick update - disabled family settings. Same problem. Google turned up similar problems to mine. I manually entered my DNS servers, and that seems to have done the trick. Weird.
  9. Mine are - I was more concerned about have the box banned unnecessarily through an accidental connection. (I move my profile back and forth between my JTAG and online box.)
  10. Thanks. That was my concern. I didn't want my JTAG to accidentally communicate with the xbox live servers, and I wasn't sure if I could trust dashlaunch to block the connection attempt.
  11. Thanks, BL4K3Y- that's how I'm set up today. I just can't use the network until I go back into the Microsoft dash and do a network test first. Do you think it's because I disabled Xbox live access in family settings? Thanks!
  12. Hello, everyone! Here's an easy one. In NXE, I configured family settings to block Xbox Live access. I'm running FSD2 with Dashlaunch (also with xbox live blocked). In FSD, I have no network access in FSD unless I first go into NXE and do a network connection test to my PC. Once that works, I can go back into FSD and the network is available. Is blocking Xbox Live acccess in NXE doing this? Am I doing too much by using doing this in family settings? Thanks all - rock on! -snart
  13. My FSD2 started crashing yesterday. Had to do a reinstall. But, that's fairly easy.
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