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  1. thanks player. next issue is the internet and freestyle dash rgh mod lol any recimendations lol
  2. ok highlighted usb0: rb then a and it says "cannot copy to or from root folders
  3. i go on the usb on my xbox and then i made a folder of the game name to try to copy that whole folder to the usb drive to my hdd
  4. ok i have transferred them to a usb drive and when i goto copy to hdd of xbox it says cant copy from root
  5. ok i extracted the iso. there are quite a few files do i put them all on there?
  6. Hey everyone im new to this site and been trying to find tuts on transfering games to my hdd of xbox. i have an iso of a game and opened it with xbox backup creator. trying to transfer via usb on freestyle 3. any insite would help or pointed in right direction
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