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  1. I just went ahead and reinstalled FSD. Now everything is working properly. I have no idea what was going on, which is too bad because noe this thread is going to be of little use to someone else trying to solve this problem.
  2. The games are available at jqe360.com The title ids match Deleted an .assets file. It did not return after a reboot or trying to download cover manually. Found the HTTPQueue table. It has 1 tile in it (GTA San Andreas. Which ironiclly is on of the titles that will not download). Don't really understand how to flush HTTPQueue. Have not tried GaDaBaMa yet. How do you flush the HTTP Queue?
  3. I can download xbox360 game covers and xbox live covers till the cows come home. But for some reason my xbox will NOT download xbox classic covers. I have tried everything from trying to refresh artwork individually to trying to put them on using the WebUI. I've tried deleting the game path and reinstalling it. I've tried setting up a queue in jqe360.com and rebooting my xbox. Still no joy. I am at wits end. Anybody have any idea what is going on?
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