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  1. You have a video here that shows exactly how to do it through xexmenu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCs8bIwifzk Or you can transfer the game through a File Manager in Aurora
  2. Thank you very much for the answer sir . I made the right choice and I bought xflasher 360 I realized trinity boards are more reliable and easy for RGH than corona boards, is that right in your opinion?
  3. I plan to buy a console (corona) and hack it with the Ace v3. Which Nand Flasher is better? Would you take the new xFlasher 360, or NAND X? Moved from Software subforum, coz its here in a better place. Dr.Gonzo
  4. How can I update with xeBuild GUI? I want to update to the latest version 17559, with xeBuild GUI
  5. Thanks so much for the comment sir . i just play xbox og games and they do not support a resolution like 720p or 1080i. I found that the highest resolution for xbox og games is 1280x1024, It's sharper and less blurry than 480p. I marked NTSC in Video Mode, and everything works properly and there are no problems . Now I will be able to play og games at 60Hz. If I set a resolution like 720p or 1080i in xbox og games, there will be black bars on both sides of the screen, At a resolution like 480p which is not widescreen, there will still be black bars, but much less so.
  6. What does game region do? Does it matter if I apply NTSC or PAL?
  7. I saw in Game region that there are several options: http://abload.de/img/xebuildguirtkbz.png What does each of them actually do, and what is Devkit? my xbox 360 is pal 200~240v If i set in Game region PAL/Europe and download ntsc game, will it work? And in the Video Mode category, should i stay on PAL or try NTSC? When i play xbox og games, It becomes 50hz and everything works slowly and logically, which is the best choice? When I play Spider-Man 2, there is no synchronization between the voice in the game and the image, like here in the video Uses an HDMI cable at 480p 20210615_145351.mp4.0edae65353985562772b25332dba54d2.mp4
  8. It's currently on True in red, if I do not check the box it's ok?
  9. Thank you very much for the response, sir So from what I understand, do I need to check the box? If I leave the box unchecked, will anything happen? The model is PLDS DG-16D4S 0225
  10. Hi, I have 0225, do I need to mark in the Special Patches category The Disable FRCT.bin check or not? Full name PLDS DG-16D4S 0225 It is currently marked in red with True in xeBuild GUI
  11. Hi, I'm glad if someone helps me I really want to fix this problem. I have a new Samsung 4K TV. I play at 480p resolution in old xbox games and I have a specific problem with the spider-man 2 game. When a video from the game arrives, there is no synchronization between the voice and the image, I mean comes the voice first and then the picture, I use a standard hdmi cable And I do not understand how to fix this problem, I play at 480p, if I change to 720p or 1080i the game will work laggy and slow, maybe someone can help me? Maybe anyone can fix the problem with hex editor in default.xbe. I uploaded the photo and video for you to see the issue I tried running the game at the same resolution on another 1080p TV but it also did not help.. In the video of AnonymousAffection You see at 2:40 that there is synchronization between the voice and the image, and it is playing on the Xbox 360 console. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDHfq_UhUxw 20210615_145351.mp4 20210615_145351.mp4 20210615_145351.mp4
  12. I have a problem with Spider-Man 2 game, I run it on a resolution of 480p 4:3 60hz, And the cutscenes would play too fast for the voices, Let's say in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2lgagTLGMM in 5:35, the cutscene Running normally, for me, the cutscene runs too fast for the voices, Does anyone have a solution about this? Maybe replace a cable? @felida @gavin_darkglider
  13. Can I do this widescreen patch alone? I just really like this game, and it's annoying when there are black bars, I need someone to give it some patch or update, I'll pay if needed
  14. There are no errors, everything works fine just it's frustrating to have black bars on both sides of the screen, Can I ask someone to fix it? Do a widescreen patch? Or can I do it alone?
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