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  1. http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1654/igzJzo7k.jpeghttp://lookpic.com/O/i2/1516/IC60b3lA.jpeghttp://lookpic.com/O/i2/908/Nb41aH0u.jpeghttp://lookpic.com/O/i2/109/SRXsj8k8.jpeghttp://lookpic.com/O/i2/1004/M8EnLYSk.jpeghttp://lookpic.com/O/i2/371/4lcaygCi.jpeghttp://lookpic.com/O/i2/1732/h3k1J54W.jpeghttp://lookpic.com/O/i2/1297/LuanG9ZY.jpeg download a fifa14 save game using modio.
  2. try it as a 2 gods. usb1:xbox 360 gamesdead space 3disc1god here usb1:xbox 360 gamesdead space 3disc2god here have you fsd3 v775?is multidiscplugin loaded in fsd3 settings?
  3. I know others might do this all in modio but I couldn't work out how to do this and found out my own method to achieve the same result. Also please PM for the Xbox live updated Squads save game. After doing this Gareth Bale should be at Madrid. save game with latest squads your find on x360iso.
  4. I thougnt the latest TU4 was all for GTA5 live which we have no use for really. http into your xbox to check media ID matches. I ended up grabbing mine from live as link.jqe360 hasn't uploaded my TU4 for my media ID yet.
  5. Flaminek

    TU6 for Halo 4

    Weird glitch going on for TU6 for media ID 1C9D20BC Doesn't matter which way I do it- either using title update manager in fsd3 or manually ftp it to 000B0000 folder. When I boot the game it keeps saying TU6 available and says I have TU0 (title update zero) I've http into my jtag and have the correct media ID and title ID so am confused by this? Title Update 5 works ok so must be TU6 is corrupt on link.jqe site? Was hoping not to have to manually download the TU from live. Anyone help? Thanks
  6. do you mean this- http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/245-fakeanim-v060b/
  7. WD 2TB usb2/3 powered my passport drives are ideal.
  8. game chat,free online multiplayer i don't need live. Would be nice to see when friends online and even maybe send messages to each other but iam more than happy with what i got with link and donated several times hope you all do.
  9. Hi I enjoyed playing in a 8 person room yesterday but noticed few of you not using mods. I realise if you haven't played this game online on xbox live then simply playing multiplayer at home you may not be acustomed to the mods. When you start a game of blur and have joined a room on link first thing to do is change your mod loadout. The problem arrises however that when you join a game the host has the power when to start a game so may not give you time to set this up. Here is a pic below of how I setup my mods- for those peeps that can't see the pics copy/paste these into your browser- http://lookpic.com/O...7/9HAJyZbQ.jpeg http://lookpic.com/O...5/5kC9Gevj.jpeg http://lookpic.com/O...68/u6Wuyms.jpeg http://lookpic.com/O...2/qertDg70.jpeg http://lookpic.com/O...8/DHLwTSZI.jpeg So my advice would be to make your own room first and setup your mods like I have above then join someone elses room. That way i's easy to change mods inbetween matches (If the host gives you time). Hope this helps some of you.See you on Blur.
  10. back again after a long spell not on blur after i gave up after couldn't connect to anyone or anyone connect to me. Sorted a jtag for a m8 and we can hook up on blur on link no problem and i tried it later that night and 2 people joined me fine. So want to test out a nice full lobby now to see what happens. my gamertag is now "PlayBlur9pmUKtime" so the message is loud and clear when I come on. I'll open a lobby every night at 9pm and please bear with me as I am also playing on Blur on a live console. As I sometimes have to wait around for players to join me I'll race on Live but inbetween those races I will check my jtag lobby to see if anyone joined then if they have kick the game of straight away. So please have your mods sorted before we race. I am semi pro now at this game but can't glitch drift like xcon on seageant but can hold my own. If your new though I will slow down and drop you nitros. Look forward to some relaxing racing with you guys. All the best.
  11. thanks for that info been wanting to have a cover for dredd vs death xbox1 game which never worked until i did the http method.
  12. still think its something to do with a dashlaunch setting if game worked without fsd3 and dashlaunch. open notebook and copy/paste line below and ftp this to root of your hdd (name it launch.ini) Default = Hdd:FreeStyledefault.xex
  13. i extract game to xex format and place in folder in ext hdd and drop trainer in there with it.
  14. yeah the usb controller is intregrated now so can't use it in internal anymore. $99- dollars but those are mains powered right? this 2TB but still remaining usb powered is another ball park. I wanted usb powered as have enough plugs sockets around the tv and like the idea of powering down xbox also turns off hdd. I had a seagate 1tb usb powered before and there was always a 50/50 chance i'd have to reboot my jtag otherwise it would hang on xbox logo screen (to do with the drive not being picked up powereing up quick enough). now with WD passport it boots everytime after about 20 flashing light blinks (20 secs aprox xbox logo screen then boots). I'll just leave the usb lead in then there's less chance of the connector breaking. if 1TB is x 2 platters this thing must have 4 platters? They must have some clever controlling function so when accessing data on platter 2 to 3 platter 1 switches off as usb powered can only power 2 platters at a time.
  15. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00AE0EPZW/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 wasn't sure where to post but thought this was worth a mention for those interested in getting a Hdd. usb powered (usb2or3) tiny for 2TB. i got a red resi evil jasper jtag and this is gonna go so well with it
  16. do you mean the main fsd3 status bar at top and bottom of screens. click in left or right joystick to see. but change screen size in fsd3 settings and allow bar to show on boot up or not.
  17. try deleting plugin1 = Hdd:swap.xex and autoswap = true as fsd3 will swap discs for you automatically. this may cause a conflict. see fsd3 settings to check disc swap is loaded.
  18. have you the latest title update? do you pass all ink test in fsd settings.
  19. ive logged in ok but trying to change the password from the password reset one is buggy i think it wont accept it where as xbox login is fine.
  20. is that 80 degrees c. sounds a bit hot. default for stock xboxs is 60 degrees c. my jasper jtag sits at 60 and i notch up fan speed in fsd settings only 1 notch to 65% and this reduces temp gpu to 50 or below. cpu is even cooler at 55. what were the temps before the upgrade to fsd3 775? if cover flow was ok before maybe its your wether settings. It's known to slow down cover flow at least at the begining. btw i got 265 xbox 360 games and 590 xbla and flow is fine on 775. having a 7,200 rpm internal hdd helps.
  21. try the dream theme skin and push X to change cover style
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