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  1. which skin are you using?
  2. I tried to install the Italian language by inserting it in: Media / Locales going into the language change settings but it does not detect it, maybe because the file is in XML format while the right format must be in xzp?
  3. Thank you friend for the skin and for the link of the Italian language
  4. for now and the best skin in circulation maybe you should repair a bit the speed and image of the avatar but I'm happy that implemented this great feature. it remains only to wait for the Italian language
  5. It's always nice to have new projects for xbox even if they seem less important are always big projects
  6. my thanks was done by making a donation made with the heart
  7. the great news and that now we can see our avatar because using aurora as the main dashboard without avatar was unnerving but now I can see my avatar and customize it with the many accessories I have. Even if all this is taking time for other options Aurora is becoming more and more spectacular, and these guys deserve all our supportšŸ¤‘
  8. in part and true that the latest versions of aurora are released after too much time, and all this long time less and less people will enjoy aurora, but I am one of those people who owns both xbox one and x360 and I can say that use and play only to x360 for the potential that offers the jtag, and this project of aurora strengthens me to stay with the 360, if then it will come out 'some changes on xbox one then I can' abandon the 360
  9. all my games are in GOD and FOLDER format, do they work if I turn them into ISO? or the ISO must be original? if the answer is positive, I can upload all the tools with instructions to make them public on MEGA to transform any format into ISO. "obviously if the moderators allow it"
  10. the covers I can download them only that I can not choose which cover to download see photos then internet and wifi and perfect
  11. who can help me with aurora no longer displays the covers is always fixed in loading, but the strange thing and I can download them but I have to guess because it is stuck in loading and then I do not see the cover that I would like to download. I show you a picture:
  12. after a long search or found 2.5 hdd usb powered in fat32 4tb formatted in a single unique partition and I can confirm that it works, but the xbox360 games only work in god, while xbla games do not work, there or even converted to god and default but without success the same does not work, now I try to format the hdd by changing the size of the cluster hoping for a difficult success
  13. I can confirm that 3tb works, only that it is difficult to find a 3tb hdd in fat32
  14. This is great news and I can not wait to try NOVA - The Future of LiNK, which would be for me the most important novelty to try
  15. I agree, or the xbox One S but I always use the xbox360
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