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  1. Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    Yes I've looked and I will install 0.6 tonight. Doesn't look like any rotate options in display though unfortunately
  2. Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    Have there been any additions to the options on the display tab in Aurora since 0.4?
  3. [Skin] Aurora SteamOS

    well done!
  4. change your xbox display settings , turn off widescreen. Only found this old pic below, the skin I have now has fixed the text overlaps and shows the video.
  5. I also did a Tate FBANext 640x480 skin, it's one of the first skins I ever made. Prevents neck problems hehe Instead of just changing everything in the skin to the right dimensions, you also have to change the skin properties to 640x480 Aurora 16:9 Tate skin Aurora SD Tate Skin FBANext 16:9 Tate Skin
  6. [Aurora] Integrated Emulators

    sounds like that should work. Will test this out. Only thing left that I would like to see is the ingame menu toggle mapped to different buttons, but thats just me ;-) Tried it, unfortunately didnt work. Also tried your new core in the existing Retroarch build. The core works but the options don't show either. Weird..
  7. [Aurora] Integrated Emulators

    It works in Retroarch, but not in your custom builds I believe. I think the first line in the config should list default.xex instead of fba-libretro.xex , since that file doesnt exist, but the config writes it like that. It probably has to do with the core being renamed. I will try this first
  8. [Aurora] Integrated Emulators

    Nope , even with the settings set in the config, neo geo games dont boot in unibios, which means the settings dont register. Weird, but it's the only thing I could find so far that wasnt working correctly yet.
  9. [Aurora] Integrated Emulators

    Tested it out just now. Works like a charm, just missing the fbalibretro core options. Tried just adding the core options config file but that didn't work so no unibios for now. fba-diagnostics = "disabled" fba-unibios = “enabled†fba-cpu-speed-adjust = "100" fba-controls = “arcade†Other than that all games I tried work perfectly , apart from vertical games being upside down by default. Im assuming this needs editing in the config: # Allows libretro cores to set rotation modes. # Setting this to false will honor, but ignore this request. # This is useful for vertically oriented games where one manually rotates the monitor. # video_allow_rotate = true
  10. I made a custom skin and did a lot of adjusting so yes this can be done
  11. [Aurora] Integrated Emulators

    I think I changed the setting in retroarch some time ago and then just copied that value to the new cores config.
  12. [Aurora] Integrated Emulators

    yes the controls didnt work after I changed some settings I believe.
  13. [Aurora] Integrated Emulators

    This is fixed by editing the gamma setting. It defaults to 1 I think, which is greyish, if you change it to 0 it gives you proper contrast/brightness and looks much much better. Or the other way around. aha that explains why I was struggling. Thanks for these cores, will test them today.Only thing I was missing were the core options in the fbacore, but other than that it was working pretty well.