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  1. You can use GaDaBaMa 3.1.1 to download artwork at your PC, without connecting your xbox to network. All you need is a 2GB pendrive, or higher and microsoft office access 2010 sp1 (and GaDaBaMa 3.1.1 of course). You can find all info in GaDaBaMa thread on this forum, or on GaDaBaMa prioject home page. Use search...
  2. True, have the same problem... it looks like a quite common issue (have seen 4 other people, besides my posting about this problem - three on this forum, and one on another). Unfortunately no one have found solution for this yet...
  3. I'll check and report if it works with Polish. EDIT : Checked! Works great for Polish! Thanks for this fix.
  4. Is FSD3 checks timezone while time and date update over internet? Also is summer/winter time being taken in consideration? Because I'm in UTC +01:00 time zone (region set as it should in console settings, in marketplace configuration in FSD region is also correctly set), and recovered time is not valid (there is 1 hour difference with my local time, don't remember is it +1 or -1).
  5. The same problem... after selection of room list disappear, also if I push down or up and A again, the xbox will shutdown. Also has the same problem in game, when entering lobby and selecting game to play (sometimes instead shutdown, fsd3 returns fatal crash intercepted). Today I couldn't join to room 1 (16/32) and 2 (9/32). The weird part is, that I could join room 2 earlier, when it had only 8 players. Is there any way to generate/check crash log for FSD?
  6. FYI I have the same problem as member "ok103" - with polish encoding in win7 64-bit. I will change this to english and give it a try. Will next revision/version support unicode, so It won't be necessary to change this setting? Also great job with this program. I used it earlier on FSD 2.2, and it worked just fine.
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