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  1. Thanks. Forgot to post: with XZP Tool V2.0 i have solved my problem(s). Thank you again.
  2. Hm. Then maybe I put the question wrong. What do you use to pack / unpack the xzp files?
  3. Hmmm. A new problem with FSD3 now... I used xuipkg.exe (version 2.0.20871.0) to extract / build xzp. Now if I modify the temps bar, upon entering Xbox 360 Games, the Xbox Freezes. The same behavior occurs when I just unpack then pack the default skin. If I choose another option besides "Coverflow" for displaying the games, it works. Tried on 5 consoles, 2 PCs. Any ideeas, guys?
  4. Theoretical, it is already implemented. It appears the option in Setup > Content Settings > Cover Downloading, a checkbox named "Enable custom cover downloading". If I check the box, the problem is after the first reboot it will again uncheck, and resets all settings regarding cover download. This behaviour doesn't occur when I'm logged in the JQE account, so I suppose it's somekind of a bug? Downloading Covers through "Refresh artwork" works regardless if I'm logged in or not.
  5. Thank you for your answers. Especially armonika, that wrote a very long text. Although, I guess I wasn't clear enough in my first post. I don't look fir an workaround of cover download. I know how to get offline covers, it even works if I connect the Xboxes to Internet and push "Refresh artwork". What I only want is to download automatically the covers at startup of FSD. That's all. Thank you again.
  6. Thank you for your answer, but I don't look for that workaround. I want a solution that at the startup of the FSD to auto-download the covers via Internet.
  7. Hi, Is there a way to autodownload the cover art at startup in FSD 3 without using a Jqe account? Each time I check the box "Enable custom cover download", at the next restart is unchecked. I know if I log into an JQE360 account the checkbox will stay there, but I want, if possible, of course, without linking the console. Taking each game one at a time and hit "Refresh artwork" works, but it would be useful at startup to download all covers. Thank you.
  8. Thank you all, guys. I edited skin.xui with Xbox 360 SDK and solved my problem. Thank you all again!
  9. MackTK

    XUITT 2.1.6

    I'm without doubt sure that the systems are 32-bits, as I've installed them both. Also, Access 2010 is the English version. In "Additional Version and Copyright Information" is Office 2010 without any specification of SP1. I'll investigate more.
  10. I'm new to all of this, so sorry if I put dumb question. I open the skin.xur (I don't have any xui) with Xbox UI Tool and after that it asks for a xui, which if I don't specify the program closes. I feel a little embaressed, as I put some newbie questions which I'm sure they have answers around here. I would like to have more time to study the problem, and not asking for spoon feeding, but when you have two jobs with 16 hours per day at least, time is remarkable short to look around. Please forgive my questions that are more or less easy to answer / find.
  11. MackTK

    XUITT 2.1.6

    Hi. Thanks for the app. I tried to install it on Win 7 32-bits and Win XP (32 bits also) and cannot start it. It gives an error that "The expression you entered has a function name that ..::XUIT ::.. can't find". I assumed that is the case if I haven't installed the SP1 Access 2010 runtime (although I have Office 2010 installed, with Access 2010 also installed). When I try to run the SP1 update for runtimes (the ones in the first link), it says that "The expected version of the product is not found on the system". Any thoughts? Thanks.
  12. Hello, First of all, thanks to the authors of the great program FSD3. I'm sure it was a lot of work and time involved and thank you again for that. I have a little question. I'm new to skinning, but I want only one thing mainly. I want to change the color of the tempbar in the Default skin. I want instead of green-yellow-red, to replace it with a green-green-yellow bar. I changed accordingly the colors in in the theme's Images\Interface\Dash Artwork\Temp Bar with the colors wanted, but it seems that it hasn't any effect. Any tips, guys? Thank you!
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