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  1. Guys, thank you very much for the info... Really appreciate the assist. At least I have a better idea and understanding on how the multidisc thingy works. It works like a charm now. Sometimes we over think it and that itself is the problem. If you ran the xex or GOD file from either XEX menu or file Manager the chances are it will not swap discs as we expect it too but if you add into into the library, works like a charm... Love Aurora Looking forward to 0.6....
  2. Ok. Thank you very much. Is there a specific name I have to give the various Disks folders? Eg Disk1, Disc1 etc? Thank for the earlier advise... Appreciate all the hardwork on the Aurora.
  3. Hi guys. I've tried my best not to post anything but I have look thru mostly all the postings to try and resolve the multidisc issues I'm facing but I just can't seem to do it. Maybe i am just overthinking it but i really need to ask. By the way, I really love Aurora, keep up the good work. Normally i would have it in this format: Game Title / Disk1 / Disk1 content ...followed by Game Title / Disk2 / Disk2 content...and so on... One even suggested: Game Title / Disk1 content followed by Game Title/ Disk2 / Disk 2 content etc. Then I seem some posting where its mentioned Instead of Disk1, its either DVD1 or Disc1 some with space between and some without. What is the correct naming procedure? Disk1, Disk 1, Disc1, DVD1, etc etc. I'm sorry guys to sound like a total noob but I've had no problem with FSD on multi discs. It only happening when I switch over to Aurora..Can anyone once and for all explain this to me. Thank you for your patience and assistance in advance...
  4. gmarks

    DashLaunch 3.10

    Thanks a lot....appreciate the assist...
  5. gmarks

    DashLaunch 3.10

    Guys, Really sorry to be a pain. But I'm a real newbie and all the things mentioned are a bit alien to me. Is there a tutorial or something newbie styled for me to follow to install the 3.10 or a step by step guide... Great work guys. Wish I could learn more about all the things mentioned....
  6. Ok, I can try that. But this is only happening after the updates. Previously I had no problems with the time and date. Just wondering if the updates caused any glitches with my internet connection or maybe my upgrade wasn't 100%
  7. HI guys, Just a quick question. I recently did the 3 upgrades suggested by F3 for the new skins, plug-ins and I cant remember the other one. Download was fine and rebooted and installed the upgrades. Then a weird thing happened. A messages came out saying F3 crashed or something like that. As usual being a newbie, I panicked. Restarted it and the same message came out. Last resort, I turned everything off for a few minutes and lo and behold it started back up as usual. Slight difference in the start up but was ok. Only thing now is I find that the time and date are all wrong. Shows something like 23rd November 2005 and of course the time is totally off. Is there anyway that I can rectify this? Don't know if I'm connected to the internet because this normally happens when i'm not. Could the upgrades have caused this? Any suggestions is deeply appreciated. Guys, by the way, great job man. And a great big thumbs up for all your efforts
  8. Guys, i'm a total newbie when it comes to this. Where do I find the launch.ini?
  9. Hi guys, I just recently joined and I found a wealth of information with regards to modding the xbox360 from your great site. I had the v2 installed previously which was installed by a friend and recently I decided to be adventurous and upgrade it to the FS3. All was fine until I tried to update the Nand and dashboard etc. Everything went fine right up to updating the kernel to 16197. Did the avatar updates etc. Then I found that I had to reinstall the FS3 again. That's when the problem begins. I followed the tutorial to the latter. But somehow or rather I just can't download the updates for the FS3. It just hangs there at 0kb. So I just did the next best thing, install without updates and when it came to the Dashlaunch section, it says that dashlaunch 3.02 does not support the kernel 16197. So i reinstalled without the updates, deselected the 'install and configuring the dashboard' box and managed to reinstall FS3 at its basic setup. Restart the system and it goes into the xbox home and not FS3. Guys im really new at this and i really dunno what to do next. Is there any reason why I cant update the files? Or why it is not going automatically into FSD3? Really need yr assist.
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