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  1. As far as i know it was somehow rumored back in 2004 on xbox1, and many false rumors spread across for some time. To tell you shortly not its not yet, and i dont think it will come. since ps2 engine is nearly impossible to emulate on xbox 360. but you never know once you grow older. we got pretty much talented people out there somewhere, so cross fingers and wait for the day to come. eitherway buy ps2.
  2. armonika

    PCSXR game list

    i think tomorrow ill rush to store buying my hdd box case, so ill fill up this thread with lots of games at once, iam pretty sure that package i own has rougly 475~ games, since while summing and checking properties it shows that much of folders with each game. well i love big game libraries so dont blame me, since i own every xbla ;D Eitherway, i think i got some work to do starting tomorrow i hope. ill try my best on this even will fill some info if i change some filters. ps. as other people will be filling up list aswell here it will be faster for me so heads up, roughly when iam starting its gonna take 2 days max.
  3. well irish thats for me to know only right ;D ? anyway i know where to edit buttons for screenshots on fsd but i mean, is there a way to edit playstation menu buttons the one you call with : holding select + start even in middle of game. couldnt find anything scrolling through files or even, viewing xur,cg, or other files. or maybe i missed that option somewhere ? Well dont rush things ahead, one thing at a time since now ps1 got published iam sure there will be ps2 or even psp in future.
  4. iv downloaded almost 180gb of ps1 games lol as soon as i buy my hdd box case, ill be dropping those inside 1tb hdd lol. the package contains the best titles and ill be updating this one soon if i wont forget lol one thing is still bothering me, the way to call out menu from ingame. holding select and pressing start after 0.2 sec something like that. had to change taking screenshoot shortcuts in fsd settings, is there a way to change this button combo i mean? and can anyone gimme some guided web page with more info on filters/plugins if there exist any please.
  5. since it loads device list so no doubt about it
  6. extract them, i had this problem aswell, you have to have plain, .iso .bin file
  7. .bin files works perfectly, 7z or rar doesnt work, well not all games <-- not 100% sure of this. tested games : castlevania symphony of the night - ntcs but it abit is slowed down, i bet editing filters would fix it crash team racing - pal in middle of intro freezed to me, dunno even why started normaly. bloody roar 2 - pal i think, on some stages it slows down abit. but rest of game runs perfectly, tho xbox controller sucks for this game literally. didnt had time to test more, cuz my pc isint copying old psx games iv burned like ages ago >_> so i downloaded few games to test it out. emulator works like charm, but like PC version you still need to set filters on some games. sadly there is no insert disk and read from xbox drive disk function all games iv tested runs from xbox internal hdd, but its possible to run from external hdd aswell. now all i need is ps2 emulator and psp =3 then iam happy lol. looking forward to that. thanks again for the share, i will update more once iv finished downloading games
  8. omg finally ! thanks for the share, boss gonna test it now, btw is there some sort of list of bad running games ? or i missed as always ?
  9. Fella, is your Tus updated ?
  10. thank you for your time added on this tutorial.
  11. iv checked home page and took a view at same controller, i didn't get the very bottom part of review : Installation requires soldering on Xbox 360. which part exactly is soldered ? i think i missed something on reading it all lol either way looks kinda good promising controller not mentioning ugly sides lol ps. nice review thanks for sharing
  12. thats rather odd. did in whole process have u tryed deleteing database ? if no : 1. delete database 2. delete game path 3. restart xbox 4. set path anew and do manual scan. 5. iam pretty sure your just missing something, 6. you might aswell try adding whole types of files to read(xbox,emu,xbla....) at path reading and make it 10 depth....
  13. eitherway the more the better
  14. first windows 8 now xbox with must have internet... is microsoft sick or something lol. i do have my xbox fully capable for anything which is suiting all my requirements (i bet same goes for many people aswell), meh even i has ps3 back in closet brand new packed lol played few games the packed back. aint planing cracking ps3 yet since i love free internet thingy. it would be a miracle if microsoft made free internet rather then must have O_o just might end with some random overprised stufs on market, customers happy plus profit. iam not gonna be a slave at this point. iam all to the top supporting crackers lol
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