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  1. Nvm just seems like PB doesnt have it.
  2. Riley

    PCSXR game list

    I'm guessing that is tomb raider?
  3. Riley

    PCSXR game list

    Thanks for the testing everyone!
  4. Riley

    PCSXR game list

    Post as soon as you know!
  5. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1790-pcsxr-game-list/ Game list just for those who need it!
  6. Riley

    PCSXR game list

    These are not in alphabetical order! (Use Ctrl+f) Key for the games (Look for the color in the spoiler tags) Works perfect | Works with some issues | Hardly works | Does not work Works perfect | Works with some issues Please post or shoot me a PM with games that you have tested. If there are any mistakes please let me know!
  7. How would i birdge those?
  8. No but it is connected to the internet is that a problem if it isnt?
  9. Before you guys ask yes Everything passes on my LiNK setup. I have everything correct and yes my ports are forwarded. The only thing that doesnt pass is my UPNP router, even though I have UPNP enabled on my routers home page. I also have the latest TU version of black ops so i know that isnt the problem. So is ti because FS# cant find a UPNP from my router the reason i can't join games and play? Pleas help me lol.
  10. Going to make this short and simple, Downloading TU's from F3 doesnt work for me since I need a certain TU (With the right media id) I've downloaded the right one from Jqe360, But where do I put the title update at in the hard drive or external for it to show up on F3's TU page for black ops?
  11. Riley

    Black Ops II Problem

    Great... TU wasnt applied again thanks I thought it was the first one ugh... >_<
  12. I've tested my LiNK everything passes, and my update on Black ops is 25.0.-1 So what am i doing wrong? it keeps saying "Unable to Connect" Any solutions?
  13. Riley

    Black Ops II Problem

    Yeah i have no clue how to fix it , glad to know im not the only one.
  14. Riley

    Black Ops II Problem

    It is, I didnt know the exact Version number, i just knew it was in the 20's
  15. Riley

    Black Ops II Problem

    I'm not : ive never used plugins on dashlaunch.
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