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  1. Update Information - Aurora 0.6b

    Maybe it would be wiser not to talk about the next update and the features its supposed to bring until a few weeks before release? if you tell people something is coming they wait for it and at some point they lose patience. Whether it's something they pay for or get for free doesn't matter that much. That's just human nature and there's nothing you can do about it. Can't always blame people for being people.
  2. Thanks a lot for these, they are great!!!
  3. Aurora 0.3b by Phoenix

    I have 80 XB360 games and 30 XBLA games and the dash boots in 5 secs. Aurora is on internal HD if that helps. 0.3b is just perfect, really. Amazing job guys, thank you!
  4. Update Information - Aurora 0.3b

    Amazing. Thank you so much guys!
  5. Aurora 0.2b by Phoenix

    New update has just dropped and people are already complaining about stuff. Wow. Great release guys, keep up the good work please!
  6. Skin "Crysis" *[Updated 0.4b]*

    Very nice! Makes me want to play Crysis 3 again! Thanks!
  7. Update Information - Aurora 0.2a

    Can't wait!!! Thanks for the hard work guys!
  8. Aurora 0.1a.1 - Stability & Language Release

    Wonderful stuff! Fast, clean and smart(greying the games that belong to an unplugged drive was a brilliant idea and it's not the only one!) Already my default dash, can't wait for the updates! THANK YOU! P.S: Someone suggested binding the filter options to the D-pad, sounds like a good compromise don't you think?
  9. Perfect for that wonderful dash. Thanks!