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  1. I was considering get another xbox to play on live. But i'm scared if I do, they release soon xbox730 or some similar crap heheh
  2. You can try this: http://www.homebrew-...ram-is-updated/ But I aways use this: http://www.homebrew-...-support-added/ for both, there is a link to forum with FAQ Also, there is youtube. Easy
  3. koreroger

    constant crash

    Try run your FSD using an USB device. My HDD1 had problems
  4. I had this problem before. Just refresh your FSD and you will see only one patch
  5. Edited: Sorry I saw system link on dead island ;D
  6. Well, I can login, but I can't ever change my password. After typing the old one, I got incorrect pass
  7. The problem still persists. Any game, after playing even alone, after some time my xbox is back to main lobby. I wonder if anyone on team have a log for that or even if I have a log for that.
  8. After access Freestyle trought port 80, select game list My xbox just shutdown. Anyone can test it? Using the latest beta version
  9. Sorry. I forgot. Doesn't worked. Maybe it's my console, not the HD. I will ask my friend to test.
  10. I have the same problem. I tried FTP, xexloader and FSD. After the operation failed, the internal HDD just gone! If I try refresh, Xbox will notice something like this "Your system has error, reboot" After press A, I Get a red light on controller 4. I've downloaded the same game but from another source, same problem. I will try move another game today.
  11. btw. never remove the original xbox HDD. Only usb
  12. I have this problem too. Just boot your xbox without any external HD, after the total load, plug your external hdd again, wait like 10 seconds and refresh the freestyle.
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