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  1. Thanks,the problem was scan depth
  2. Scan Depth : INFINITE All paths are ok and updated Still not working
  3. Due a issue with my external hdd,I can´t use ripped games. But I can use GOD games and it´s works fine for me. I have no issues with F3,but in Aurora a great scan happens,but my games´library is still empty. My path is : usb0\Content\0000000000000000\ I am using a 2TB Seagate 3.5" Thanks in advance
  4. AMAZING,TERRIFIC,MARVELOUS....... Waiting for beta !!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all development team !!!!!
  5. Do a cold reboot (TURN OFF your console)
  6. Everything is working fine after update Thank you all
  7. Great job,I wanna thanks all developers and all testers who made that possible to us.....F3 ROCKS!!!!!! Jpizzle,this will fix some game issues too? Thanks !
  8. U can make a clean reinstall of FSD and see what happens
  9. I saw this issue before. It was the wrong installation of Chip (Changing all wires solved that) Always follow the chip manufacturer recommendations. But before u do that ,check your DL configs,if FREEZE ON FATAL ERRORS is turned on,turn it off and save you settings.
  10. The game HEROES OVER EUROPE is not supported by LiNK. Can u add this game please? Thanks :
  11. Great work Unfortunally only Dreamcast version have Blue Monday map.
  12. I have no words to describe what he do for all xbox gamers in the world. Thank you very much C4EVA. Thank you JPizzle,aways bringing great news
  13. FERNANDO PRA PRESIDENTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD SAVE THE LiNK
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