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  1. I am not able to create a room, I have the port open
  2. you could create an XML with the texts of the application and notification to translate?
  3. there is no room xd You could also do for website, if you would not need to download anything, or integrate with the webroot
  4. lol only edit the name and symbol got good grades. alt + 167. lol hahaha
  5. .xui not loaded with new extensions in the application xuitools and followed the instructions 1) Open plugin XUR in XUIWorkshop 2) Save as XUI - this will generate a .xui and a _ext.xui 3) Open the .xui in XUITool 4) Make changes in XUI Tool and save the XUI 5) Open the XUI in XUIWorkshop 6) Export the XUI to XUR using XUI Workshop 7) Save over file in plugin HUDScene folder.
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