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  1. has this worked for anyone and what rev 2.0 3.0 3.5 nxe if its the wrong rev its not going to work
  2. here to help people learn that means more people i can beat lol

  3. i think alot of people have scan settings to hdd/ not hdd/isos and hdd/ mine worked after this
  4. i use 3073 tcp 3074 upd 3074 tcp 3073 upd it works no fatal crashes this is the settings on my router and mines a gateway without udpt i pass an see lobbies i hope this helps
  5. only one thing i see wrong dev link disabled try this and see if it helps and great tut it says its the recomended setting on mine
  6. i know its a little to ask but i need a kid safe skin for free style with file manger locked and settings my son loves gaing but everything will not show p in official dash if someone made this it would probally get alot of hits thanks
  7. i dont get fatal crash and it sees people there but i cant get any one to link up fatal crash was cured by giving dir its on path like hdd/ hdd/isos it stoped doing fatal crash after and ur settings have to have devlink disabled an have ping patch enabled try it i hope it helps
  8. and i use scan setting 3 and 4 but i use a 1tb hard drive with over 600 games on it and it works fine just remeber it need to be hdd/ scan and hdd/isos for link to work if im correct link requires u to have ur 360 games in its on path
  9. it worked for me u do need to erase 2.0 and then install 3.0 by disk our usb how i did it worked but now ur going to have to go in to xex menu and find installer then install from there all ur games should still be there on ur hard drive so it should find them but if im correct its not letting u into the homebrew and in regrads to puting it in home brew if it doesn t show up there it will in ur games hit y and go to move game to homebrew then its solved i hope this helps
  10. got everything working but the port forwarding running att router if someone can give configuration for a 2 wire gateway i would really be thankfull jqe.com is regstering this is going to be great thanks for all the work
  11. yeah i agree a new and better p2p server would be great the players would fuel it with there internet and the heck with live pay this and this and this its a scam i can watch netflix on my computer why pay them for services im already paying for and xlink is good but its so outdated and switching computer to xbox back and forth is tiresome i will happily donate to this cause
  12. im extracting from dvd it wont show past 40 games i have them in Isos folder in hdd/Isos i have like 15 games not showing fixed problem it was me its been a while had settings on hdd not hdd/isos thanks for trying to help
  13. i hope fsd.com comes out to soon it will be better than kia im sure
  14. im having some problems with 3.03 its not finding all of my games it looks and feels great but they will load from default but they will not show up on dash its a bug i guess im running a 1 terrabyte drive so i have a lot of games i hope this gets fixed thanks for all the hard work my son and me really applaud the team that put all this together
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