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  1. did the same thing with Black Ops 2 ... it working !! :-)
  2. I just redownloaded the title updates because I saw that they were downloaded multiple times. So I deleted the TU's and downloaded them again and now Halo 4 is working.
  3. Did u forward different ports for each xBox ?
  4. Let's collect some data for the guys of TeamFSD. I was thinking about Dashboard Version ; forwarded ports ; devlink setting ; link-status to jqe and Router model Mine are : Dashboard : 16197 forwarded ports : standard ( 3071, 3072 TCP and UDP) Devlink : disabled JQE-Link : OK Router : AVM FritzBox! SL WLAN Please remember just to post if you get this specific error
  5. it's not just people being sore loosers. Sometimes you go into a room and immediately loose 10 points. ( I didn't even join a lobby or a game! ) People are just misusing it heavily. Especially this one guy in Halo 4. not gonna name names
  6. Please let's not talk about fatal crash here. That's another problem and is discussed in other threads. The problem dude and me have is different !
  7. Hi Guys, Since a few days I can no longer join any games. I have installed the newest FS3-Update as well as the TU for the game. And haven't changed any settings since then. But it suddenly stopped working. In Halo 4 I get the error message "incompatible nat-settings". The ports are forwarded correcly and devlink is disabled. Any of u guys have the same problem?
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