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  1. there is a tutorial, try this: http://www.homebrew-connection.org/en-install-the-avatar-system-update-and-kinect/
  2. Like Irishdave said, it's hard to make it because game will need re-write.
  3. Another list: http://www.co-optimus.com/system.php?id=1&sort=lan&direction=ASC
  4. There's a "temporal solution" it's easy and at same time annoying, as one of my companions said in a forum , someone with bad reputation rating could create another account and link this new to our xbox and play again in LINK. In this moment, this solution is passable but in a future it would be a fail counting coming features like friends.
  5. Don't try to troll man... this problem isn't mine as you seen. I don't want that my account will be restored by 100 points again, please read topic above. It will be a failure systematic it doesn't work as it must, regenerative reputation doesn't work. Doubt? well my only fault is playing with people who doesn't know lose.
  6. I do not want to disturb JQE with something personal, it's annoying, yes, but i prefer fsdTeam fix the problem globally. As i said before it will be sooner or later a systematic fail, because right now regenerative reputation doesn't work and people is using report without sense.
  7. It is a offtopic? please where are here just to improve link reputation system
  8. If you saw chinese writing that's why you update but you didn't reboot your console, when i said reboot i mean shut off and shut on again, if problem keep try to update again, disable devlink or install again FSD
  9. Hello, Well after my 24hr with 0 REP my reputation didn't regenerate, i don't know if fsdTEAM knows this bug. I been talking with other spanish users who use LINK and they say the same their reputation didn't regenerate never. Thanks for this great program fsdTEAM we're here just try to improve what is yours with our comments.
  10. Upload your FSD and Disable Devlink
  11. MaesterRowen i forget something yesterday, for instance, if someone have REP 0 that person could be banned by other users FOREVER, if you regenerate 10points everyday and 1 report means 10points, with the actual reputation policy. Well, if you have 0 points and regenerate 10 points if other user want to other ban him forever is SO EASY, just that person need 1 report each day. If we can report 1 person each 24hr and each user regenerate 10points it means that it could be ban 24hr each day... i hope that you understand it
  12. I live in Spain and as far as i know Weather works,
  13. That's is what we are talking about, users are reporting without knowing the real problem about have 0 REP in your account. I guess that they can see who reports to who, as i said lot of times report button must be more serious than now The real problem is continuous with this reputation policy in a few weeks, average reputation per account will low dramatically and fast. Please feedback solutions about this real problem, maybe isn't a big problem now but it will be in a near future.
  14. Vampiro2000 no matter if test FAIL, start a game, then when you're in the game menu go to system link options and see if it works.
  15. You can report everyone you want without limit, in this case reported can report all the room, no matter who they're reported person just want revenge
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