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  1. thanks for the reply bro..all works great know.. i just unload fsg plugin and load it again and its good!!!
  2. if you are using fsd weather try to disable it...ihave the same problem as you after i enable the fsd weather
  3. try to unload your fsd plugin ang load it again..
  4. you can try to unload you fsd plugin,restart your fsd and load again bro...its working for me
  5. same here..i noticed this after cod ghost link is up...now i cant even play more than 10minutes in system link..always get kick out of the room
  6. i think i just pass it for a while bro..i read somewhere that someguys were having this problem to but its when two days later..
  7. tq for the reply bro im currently on the latest fsd3 775
  8. i just download cod ghost and want to play systemlink but when i press the guide button systemlink turn grey..i cant access it...i try to dwnload the title update also the same..can anybody guide me about this..other game like cod bo2,gow works great on systemlink..tq in advanced
  9. ebby

    Fsd black screen

    ac works good in god format
  10. i need help about my background cover in fsd...somehow there ic certain game that only have dvd cover and not the background cover,so i decide to upload it manual using fsdwebgui..but when i refresh artwork all of my manually upload background is gone..is there any tutorial about this or i have to upload the image to jqe360???but ionly see dvd cover upload only..sorry for my bad english...anyhelp will be much appreciate..tq
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