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    Hi people, i've been busy for a long time, i've had some economic issues so i couldn't focus on coding and upgrading this script to the latest Aurora's version. (sorry for my bad english) I have some ideas to improve it, like creating a download queue from the webpage with an user system, and when the script starts with same user and password it downloads/applies the changes made from the web. And i've thought of an upgrade for this script, an "Online Content Manager Script" that syncs your Aurora and a website on startup. When Aurora starts, it will execute the script and it will send the info of the games, updates, covers, backgrounds, etc to the website so you can manage the content of your xbox from the web and when you start Aurora it makes the changes that you've made from the web. I don't know if this is permitted by the Aurora makers but it's a good idea to make. I only have ideas but i don't have the time to code because i'm busy working on some other "profitable" projects, so sorry if my "update" of the script gives false hopes to who's reading
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    Hi, the Utility Scripts documentation is outdated, it's from the old version of Aurora (0.6b). It would be great if some admin could update the readme so it would be more easy to create Utility Scripts
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    There are some couple new stuff for http request for example, you can find that in the changes. İf i had time i would update that. İ will open a ticket for anyway
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    nothing has changed, except the gizmoXL part.. its not outdated.. lol.. if there was any major changes, there would be documentation
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    All things are presumably hackable. In my eyes, its a question of time and effort.
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