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    The Xeon Emulator runs only one Game (Halo Combat Evolved) and not error free, Cxbx is not directly an emulator, it convert a Xbox 1 Game, to a Windows executable. DxBx runs some XDK Samples and precious few Games. There is no real Xbox 1 Homebrew Emulator. Perhaps someone released a fully working Xbox 1 Emulator, in the future, but I do not believe it.
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    Awesome, will look into it and see what can be done
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    Selling R-JTAG/Demon Phat Xbox 360 - Jasper BB 512MB - Console only $150 including shipping Located in US, will ship to US lower 48. PayPal for payment Please PM with interest and questions The unit typically boot within 3 glitches, it can take up to 8. ROL modded with blue led's and white error led's, also white glitching led added to ROL. Box is not banned and is running the latest dash for both stock and XeBuild. DVD drive flashed with LT+3.0 as well. You will receive the memory unit door, along with it's spring, the remaining Demon packaging, including the TX sticker, and a CD ROM containing all nand files (stock and XeBuild) and cpu key/fuses files.
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    Hi fellow members Willing to sell the JTAG console on its own without Hard drives or any software for £100 + del or free collection. I am selling another fantastic JTAG Jasper Xbox 360 Original Nand Dumps & DVD Key Supplied Jasper JTAG Console (Not R-JTAG or RGH) 1TB Internal HD 500GB External HD Lite-On 74850C LT 3.0 FW 1 x Wireless Controller 150W PSU + Power Lead High Quality HDMI Lead 5.1 Optical Adapter Lead St George Face Plate Current Dash 16747 Fsd 775 DL 3.12 XeXmenu NXE2GOD Quickboot Xell Launch Reloaded XM360 74 Xbox 360 Games With all DLC (On External 500GB HD) No Media 658 XBLA Games 8 Xbox Classic Games 8 Emulators With 1000's of Roms Mint Condition & Full working order £180 Pickup (Heywood)
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    First off, this console's KV is UNBANNED. Comes with 20 gb HDD. Has xex menu 1.2, FSD 3, And dashlaunch v11. I have preloaded console with some games too, but shouldn't mention on this post due to copyrights. If anybody is interested PM or Email me. (codester507@gmail.com) Console comes with cords. Temperatures run at about 40 even. Good condition. This console was jtagged through a send-in service. (IF that info is needed?)Below are some pictures
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    For sale WYOMING. Asking $320. price includes shipping. I will only ship in U.S. Message me if you're interested. I would prefer PayPal for a secure transaction. As soon as I ship, I will message you the tracking info. I will also include shipping insurance. HARDWARE: 320GB Slim Corona. Clear case mod w/ blue leds, clear quiet fan mod w/ leds. Clear shell controller FIRMWARE: Freestlye dash 3, Dashlaunch 3.10, XEX Menu, XM360 KV IS NOT BANNED! SOFTWARE: Coolrunner XELL Reloaded (bootable with eject button) Emulate XBOX original, NES, Super NES, N64, and more. 20+ Extras included on HDD TONS of work went into modding it from a stock white 4GB slim.
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    just updated dash with win8 pc over wireless on both ends. worked great and fast. thanks for the tutorial!
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