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  1. For sale WYOMING. Asking $320. price includes shipping. I will only ship in U.S. Message me if you're interested. I would prefer PayPal for a secure transaction. As soon as I ship, I will message you the tracking info. I will also include shipping insurance. HARDWARE: 320GB Slim Corona. Clear case mod w/ blue leds, clear quiet fan mod w/ leds. Clear shell controller FIRMWARE: Freestlye dash 3, Dashlaunch 3.10, XEX Menu, XM360 KV IS NOT BANNED! SOFTWARE: Coolrunner XELL Reloaded (bootable with eject button) Emulate XBOX original, NES, Super NES, N64, and more. 20+ Extras included on HDD TONS of work went into modding it from a stock white 4GB slim.
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