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  1. Big thanks from me for all the effort and time put in 👍
  2. Hi, , really cool skins, thanks.
  3. Fantastic, the theme is awesome, just my cup of tea
  4. Id like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in bringing us FSD and Aurora, I sincerely hope we have many years left in bringing the scene more cool dashboards etc
  5. massive thanx to all involved, highly appreciated
  6. Try re adding all your scan paths again if its a new install
  7. have you tried modchipcentral? they are based in canada but i purchased a nand-x RGH edition from them a few weeks ago and it only took 5 days to arrive at my house and thats standard post with no tracking and i live in the UK. They also reduced the price on the invoice so i would not have to pay any customs duty etc They do sell lots of JTAG/RGH gear.
  8. I recently upgraded from a 1tb to a 2tb internal hard drive and i had exactly the same problem. All i did to fix it was delete all my scan paths and re add them and did a full scan on number 9 all catagories. I never touched my db to make changes and everything is now as it should be. Hope this helps. PS. I did install a fresh copy of aurora and i also had to reinstall the xbox compatibility files after the transfer so make sure that works for you because i also cloned my hard drive and then found certain things not working.
  9. I know there are many variations of the playstation so does it matter which one as long it has a parallel port. Im thinking of the 7502 model, cheers. Sent By JtagPabb1e C6603 (Rooted)
  10. So i finally migrated all my data to my larger HD and what an hassle it was. I mainly used Fatxplorer and integrated the drive into windows to copy because party buffallo would not work with any of my HD's over 1TB. I have one niggling problem if anyone can help... Its just one arcade game called "Game Room". It shows up in my xbox 360 catagory and it should be in XBLA section. I have altered the content database for others that was like this but for some reason Game Room will not move to XBLA section. I believe i have done the settings right. I did the settings correctly on the 1TB i just upgraded from without issues. I have re installed aurora a few times as fresh copies and re done the scan paths etc but for some reason i cannot get it shifted to my XBLA catagory. I would really appreciate some help with this. Regards Content.db Latest files.rar
  11. OK guys thanks for the advice, my HD should arrive tomorrow.
  12. "you'll probably need to run a secondary instance of Aurora (from USB)" could i boot to FSD then browse to aurora to do it that way?
  13. I wanted to avoid ftp as this would take forever, can you suggest an alternative to party buffalo?
  14. From my experience party buffalo usually freezes on large files, I guess we both think alike lol.
  15. I thought of that pal but here is my concern: there is 1 tb of data and as it transfers it deletes from the host drive and if a problem arises i may loose whatever it has already transferred. Or am i wrong? regards.
  16. So guys what will be the safest way to transfer all my data from my 1TB to my 2TB internal hard drive without any loss of data?? Regards
  17. Thanks, will grab this for archival purposes.
  18. online playing with a jtag/rgh is frowned upon around here.
  19. about £20+ if u can find one, I've been after a genuine TX nand-x myself for a while now but they rarely become available.
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