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    Playing Dino Crisis 3 on the XBOX 360 This is one of my favorite all time games. Getting it to work on the xbox 360 was another thing. The game crashes after the first introduction video. After a search around YT and Google no one seems to have ever resolved it. Then I tried something else... if the game crashes when you create a "New Game", what would happen if you loaded a game.... The Result: It Worked If you need a save game, scroll down to the bottom of this post for download link. Save game saved at 1st checkpoint on each 3 modes (Easy, Normal, Hard) and is unmodded. Save games created on my xbox classic. Screenshots thanks to FSD3. Compatibility Files being used (xb1_13599_jul_2011-hacked) So, in FSD, Load Dino Crisis 3 Press Start and load your game Select your Load (Easy, Normal, Hard) Loading... And we're in, 1st save point Hello my friends, welcome to the xbox 360 Downside, you loose the first 5 minutes, woopie do, if want to see it, the big T-Rex die... youtube the first 5 minutes of gameplay Enjoy Guys * UPDATE * Dino Crisis Save now on this site as attachment. Click link below to download... xb1_dinocrisis3.zip
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    Aurora Tech 1.0 * Features - Added secondary Splash Screen in skin - Fix small errors and bugs Aurora Tech Music * Features - Added secondary Splash Screen in skin - Fix small errors and bugs - Added secondary tab Music Player in Main menu - Use RB to navigate to Music Player and use LB to return to Aurora Main - Through the tab Music Player listen 1 or all 16 songs while configuring or navigate through menus Aurora Aurora Tech 1.0.xzp Aurora Tech Music.xzp
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    Happy new year guys, happy new year.
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    Do you have a stock hard drive installed? If not, you are likely lacking the necessary files needed for the Xbox 360 to run the original Xbox emulator. There is already a tutorial on this site dedicated to the problem you're describing. It was the second one from the top in the tutorial section in the forum. It can be found here: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/35-how-to-play-xbox1-games-on-your-jtagrgh/ In the future, it will likely be useful to you to check the tutorial section before starting a new topic as most of the problems you're going to encounter have already been faced and resolved by those who have come before you.
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    Wow. Why didnt i think of this idea. Good to know. Thanks
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    Just like fsd. You put it into your hdd/usb and set it as default dash in dashlaunch. If you already have Aurora as older versions you can use the built in upater.
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    Good luck getting support from TX's website with that clone. You should always buy from a official re-seller. http://team-xecuter.com/where-to-buy/
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