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  1. but will nova be able to work like xlink?
  2. but he will have to have some app cuz he has retail.
  3. Wasnt it once supported in fsd? BTW, will nova have also PC client? I would really like that idea, and I think many people from here, too.
  4. does xlink kai have a xbox 360 plugin so i can manage it right from my rgh?
  5. Yes, I just want to play Diablo 3 with a friend, he has retail, he would be the host. But is there a solution to do that? Ideally if only he has to do something with pc.
  6. Is it possible to LiNK with retail consoles? thru some pc app or something... if not could you make that please? Thanks, Jan4V.
  7. Fix me if im wrong, but you can use cr_en point on demon for this...
  8. Happy new year guys, happy new year.
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