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i never been banned

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hello gays i never been banned cause i never used the live connection 

i did decide to do it but i have some trouble i cannot get flashdmp.bin on my fsd

yet everything made right whit flash 360

so i cannot made my kv from my nand whitout this file

have a other question i tryed offlineway using lanch.ini i having trouble live isn't up to date is that normal ???

what sould i do

thank before 

anyone can help  

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If you want to go down that road, there are plenty of places that will help you. As far as updating kernel, and dashlaunch, there are plenty of guides on this site. As for the rest, that depends on the server you decide to pay for the service, but generally it involves changing dashlaunch settings, and installing a plugin file or 2. Even then, KV's are expensive, and so are the servers. It isnt worth the money you pay to do it.

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