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[F3 rev735 Skin] Orix EN 1.0.1

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Still using this, awesome. It's the skin for me. Another suggestion, could you add temps in the status bar?

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1. You can recompress the skin with the XzpTool or with my Tool: FSB GUI.

If you just want change the Title (Xbox 360 Games, XBLA Games, Emulators,...)in the games tab, you can do it in the skin.xml


2.I think it is possible, but i have never tried it. If you have some more knowledge in skinning you can try it.



I can change the Presskey of the Sign Out Button to the Back Button:

Posted Image

Of course i can add the modified CLayout.xml to my skin.

great skin I love it really do, may I ask one thing could you possibly put the Temp Bars back on all four on top lick on F3 skin, other than that amazing skin!

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Is anyone else have problems downloading anything, everything i try and download just says, Oops something went wrong there.

Any ideas ?

It's probably because of the server transition, i've notified JPizzle, i'll notify the other admins aswell to see if one of them can fix the problem...

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