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  1. dashlaunch cannot be installed kernel not supported 747 How to fix it? Thanks
  2. Can you link me to the cabble.
  3. Hey guys 2 weeks ago i bought the xbox 360 slim and a hdmi + hdmi to dvi converte. I hooked the 360 with my 22 inch lcd monitor and the picture quality was really poor and i was quite dissapointed.please can any body help me and suggest me the reason and which cables should i use.my lcd monitor is having dvi port and a vga port.plz help me.thx in advance.
  4. Fixed everthing and thank you Cowboy. For the people who have the same problem as me, go to system settings and resed your data. Just have 1 other question. When i reset the data i lose all images on my games, how i can fix it.
  5. On all servers i cant join i have tried contpach enabled i have tried contpach disabled but no lucky. I have tried and on mw3 but again i getting the same problem say unable to connect to the host. All ports is opened on the test i getting all pass. I have tried wired/wireles but the problem is same i cant join on servers but when i create game people join me. Dont know other ways to fix the problem, if you know please post here.
  6. Thanks the cowboy with your guide i connected finali my xbox to the internet using wired connection, but again i have the problem with join servers again i getting the error unable to join game session. Why i cant connect to the servers everthing is configured. Need help man :S
  7. Thanks bro but now i have other problem, my console received new ip and it is and i cant open the ip ports because my router settings not supporting to open ports on diffirent ip. only i can open ports to ip witch starting 192.168.1. but the ip have 137. How i can open the ports?
  8. Thanks, but can anyone givme good tutorial for wired connection because i followed 1 totorial my console connected to pc but dont haved internet.
  9. Hello i cant join to any bo2 server i getting the error (Unable to join game session) But when i make game other people can join me.I have opened pors 3071-3072My UPNP is enabled on my router.On FSD i getting everthing pass. My pingpach is enabled. Game is running on last version 11 title update. Console is connected with wireles adapter to the internet. How i can fix the problem? Trying to fix it from 3 days, but i cant, i have read all thread on the forum and google about the problem but stil cant fix it. Pleas help Sorry for my bad english language
  10. Amazing theme, thanks bro
  11. Thanks JPizzle very nice tutorial. Great work!
  12. Hello i need your help. I cant join in any server i getting the error (unable to join game session) Any fix?
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