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  1. Vulpe

    2014 FIFA World Cup

    Done! Now is working. Big thanks Swizzy
  2. Vulpe

    2014 FIFA World Cup

    livestrong is enable on my dashlaunch... try to disable?
  3. Vulpe

    2014 FIFA World Cup

    I just installed this game, but is missing cover... anyone can upload on the "Covers" ?
  4. great job. done in 3 min.
  5. i understand... and thanks for this info
  6. yes, fsd don't see any TU for GTA V.
  7. Vulpe

    DashLaunch 3.10

    thanks for this update.
  8. console is in dashlaunch with updserv enabled? and you set the ip's address for console and pc with same subnet? try to.. "xebuild update -f 16537 -ip" (change with your ip console)
  9. try this... in your usb put only $$ystemupdate (or try $systemupdate) and nothing else... turn on console and then appear logo with xbox enter the usb.
  10. are in same subnet.. "" but.. nothing
  11. I have a problem with connection... my xbox and pc are connect to router and the problem is "udp wait timeout! failed to find xbox beacon" and i tried pc-xbox wired.. but still doesn't work... how can i resolve this problem? i tried direct to ip with "xebuild update -f 16537 -ip" but did not recognize xbox. Anyone with a idea for this?
  12. i have some problem with connect... one idea to resolve problem.
  13. in dashboard you have DISABLED "DevLink" and ENABLED "pingpatch" ?
  14. Vulpe

    Weather and FSD 3

    AleXXXv1 send PM to JPizzle and will share the key with you. PS: Thanks man for the key. ( JPizzle )
  15. Vulpe

    Weather and FSD 3

    one request... PM sent JPizzle, thanks
  16. I did update the dashboard and then added Dashlaunch & F3 after I installed the update and everything works (avatars and kinect) These tutorials are explained very well for anyone.
  17. I did step by step and everything works perfectly Thanks. Good work.
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