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  1. SteamOS Glass ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SteamOS Glass Aurora 0.6b.zip ----------------------------------------------------------- My first skin made after the transparent version of SteamOs by malim http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6723-skin-modified-steamos-update-3/
  2. Thank you for this quick edit, this is my favorite skin! This skin blends all elements together in a nice presentation. I hope the full version bug free is coming soon, but this will suffice until then.
  3. Thank you Phoenix this looks great!
  4. Oh I thought it displayed there as well from dashlaunch, but yeah even inside the app no change to Fahrenheit. And FTP inside dashlaunch has never worked for me either! Says its enabled and running but I have no access. FTP works in Aurora and FSD though. Maybe the two are related. But it's not really a big deal as everything else runs pretty good. I was just worried because I read I need to have FTP enabled to recover from a bad flash.
  5. I have a RGH corona on 17502 running dashlaunch 3.17 and aurora 5b. I have verified it is selected in my ini file. I only have one plugin running XBDM but even without the plugin it doesn't change it from Celsius. I have tried disabling and enabling every option in dashlaunch but no change. What could cause this? launch.zip
  6. Hello I have been uploading covers for XBLIG on Unity and have been unable to add these through "add title" could you please add them? Also when I'm uploading covers en mass the unity website freezes up on me and I have to wait several hours before continuing. I plan on filling in a lot of the missing covers in the XBLIG, but the lag time between uploading sux! I have made a lot of skins and covers for the PS2, XBOX and Wii scenes and just got my RGH two weeks ago and would like to contribute. Is there a faster way to upload say 40 covers all together instead of one by one? Game: Dark Reign Redux TitleID: 58550A69 Type: XBLIG ----------------------------------- Game: WWE WRESTLEFEST TitleID: 5841123D Type: XBLA ------------------------------------- Game: Plague TitleID: 585508ED Type: XBLIG --------------------------------------- Game: The Party TitleID: 58550E6C Type: XBLIG
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