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  1. could we maybe get a nibble of whats being worked on right now or maybe something new coming to the table something like a teaser of a teaser been quite on here lately. i love the last release and in noway saying get back to work or put out a update if this was the last update i be fine with that. i just know its not from your guys talk. i cant wait for netiso to come out (actually i can wait ) i just mad ea unraid sever and love to use it for my 360 i already use it for my ps2 ps1 games (opl) now if only some one would make a wii game streaming program then i could get rid of the usb hdd on the wii. anyway love your guys work playing on donating when i get paid. have you guys thought of patreon. just wandering i be will to pledge some each mouth anything to help. also when i come on here and read post about when will it come out or just release it now i find that so ignorant, i mean its not yours to dictate. thats so like the uk say usa give me all coke products right now for free its no there call its yours. i also wanted to ask this i know this is not going open source for many reasons as i can read old post and just just ask and be lazy. but will you guy open it up once all of you deside one day ya we're done. not going to work with it anymore, im moving on the xbox one. i would just hate for it to get lost that way. like with the original xbox i like User Interface X and the just give up and after a while some one got the beta of uix 2 but was buggy and unfinished and if that had the source there was a guy saying he try to complete it. i just hate for that to repeat itself with this project. but at the end of the day its your call, not mine, or anyone elses. just been wanting to ask this for a while. ps sorry for mistakes in the writing as im on my phone with some loud kids running around me so plz forgive me -jen
  2. could you add the ability to download and upload coverflows and backgrounds i made one be nice if it was easy to download http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/7600-real-bookshelf-coverflow-with-background/
  3. update: i have updated the coverflow to realbookself v2 fixed a few bugs in it and fix the details so you can see it and now flip it on details too you can download it here or in the theme downloader i have uploaded it there just waiting on approval been meaning to do it or a while now how you like the update i put togather a bookshelf background and coverflow to make it look like it may be on a real bookself the game off to the side is the selected game or the one in your hand(lol) hit me up if you have a idea to tweak below is a screenshot for my 360 BOOKSHELF.zip realbookshelf v2 by iamjen023.cfljson
  4. i have an idea for a new theme but i dont know how to make it. i edited two quick image of what it could look like in gimp. i love to hear what you guys think. here is the main screen with selections for the type the xbox 350 game cover would swap in and out for whats in your media when selected white would high light it. on the left your avatar and if selected and press A then takes you to the editor. here is a media type in this case 360 games a book shelf holds the game but the selected is out to the left when going thought them it get put back on the shelf A to luanch game B for back X to install the game as GOD (using the new scritps) Y to look at details if you can create this theme please do all i ask is for a bit of credit for the concept if you like to create it let me know and i give you the rest of my ideas
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