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  1. Cheers for the help felida it was the only place i knew that may be able to help him. It also explains why it couldn't be extracted
  2. There's a check box that decides it. Bottom right if i recall correctly. In same section fan speed is set. Hmmm ok perhaps not same section temp is set however why can't you see the temp in dashlaunch it's in top right corner & shows whatever it was set too i.e c or f from web searching images of dashlaunch https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DgNA010SvQY/maxresdefault.jpg
  3. A suggested vid of youtuber Modern Vintage Gamer was displayed in the column of a vid i was watching early this morning. It's a previously unreleased xbox game (modern mentions it will work on the 360) which has now been completed . It's a vertical scroller shooting game. You free fall while shooting at enemies as well as avoiding traps . For more detailed info the youtube link is provided . What's it like ? i have no idea i haven't tried it yet . copy pasted from modern's video description "I helped finish and release a 15 year old original Xbox game - FreeFall 3050AD. Original released by Total Arkade Software and Tony Takoushi for the Nuon in 2000. The unreleased Xbox port was developed in 2004 but cancelled due to the imminent release of the Xbox 360. In this video, I dusted off the debug kit and helped finish the game and release it for all fans of the original Xbox to enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esl6ctg_9JA" Download by torrent or direct Link to downloads in gray column on the right as torrent or a zip https://archive.org/details/freefall3050adxboxrelease
  4. Not sure if 360 contentmanager has a pane or tab for failed transfers however filezilla does.However use a cable not wifi if at all possible.Set filezilla "transfer" (in menu bar) to binary not auto
  5. When you say you have the hacked nand image do you mean it's transferred to a thumb drive,that's most probably why the console can't see the drive as it's now retail not modded.Putting the nand back after updating will solve it,just make sure you have it backed up before messing with it..Only other thing that comes to mind is drive may need re-inserting
  6. Aurora 7 was announced last year not 2 years ago. Last point i'll make there are who knows how many people on the planet who still game on the ps1,ps2 & original xbox & more comming back all the time *coughs* theisozone. Retro is in baby !
  7. You could try using an image however i doubt it'd work.This isn't windows & there's no program that can do what will most likely be required i.e extending deployed image to take up free space of new larger hdd.If the drives were the same size it could be cloned & would work,tho i wouldn't trust any program other than hdd raw copy as others have used it to clone drives on the xbox & ps2 & apparently it works on the 360 (it's a pain filling up 2tb hdd's by ftp),looking forward to my first 360 clone as soon as i get time swizz'y tut on how to update the dash http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144.0 homebrew connection http://www.homebrew-connection.org/how-to-build-a-nand-with-xebuild-1-02/
  8. The only other way if it was necessary would be to scale the tv settings.You know lets say vlc.You can set aspect n' such like but on the tv itself.Downside of doing this should be obvious i.e too much zoom or custom aspect or whatever makes it look weird,or it just may not work at all.. Meh ! i guess it was worth mentioning
  9. You don't necessarily need an og to get xbox games.Pop over to theisozone.com you can download many xbox games that haven't had the removal demand back on topic & a crack of a whip What's this talk of no release nonsense ? It takes time to code.It takes time to fix bugs.It takes time to fix bugs when a fixed bug creates another bug that wasn't intended.It takes time because nobody is coding 24 Bloody 7 like a video game company employee/s .They've said it's coming so it's coming show some fraking patience *rolls eyes* then *face palms*
  10. Sorry mate ! that's way out of my expertise,you've literally bitten off more than i can chew hehehe & it seems others have run into issues getting music on the hdd Can't say as i don't know however i assume fmim is the format the xbox can read so instead of .mp3 or .wmv it reads .fmim extension
  11. Hey tinpanalley. What gavin is saying. Once you have the music. I assume the music organizer creates the folder you need with the correct naming or whatever. Use the thumb drive or i guess use ftp. Place the folder with the music you want into the hard drive. The root is not a folder it's the hdd. An example is using file manager in fsd or ftp. You select hdd & open it.You are now in the root of the hdd & you can see all the other folders & partitions. Lets pretend the music that you are replacing is a folder called "music" (i have to assume it will be a system folder & may need unhiding in fsd,by selecting the un hide sys files or whatever) You now drop your folder also named "music" into the hdd & overwrite the old folder & it's contents (Best to backup the old folder regardless if you want it or not it's good practice in case of an issue) edit: Always backup anything before making changes
  12. scorpNZ

    Site Upgrades Again

    Look into patreon if you haven't already
  13. It uses sensors which are built in.So long as the cpu & memory are normal it's most likely a faulty sensor as your mobo would've burnt the house down by now
  14. The ban should come for not searching first.Your best bet Gavin is ignore questions about release dates & those of us having a bit of fun with it,until such time a new thread opens up with the actual upload link to the next release of aurora
  15. If i was mean i'd save a release announcement for April 1st
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