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  1. Site Upgrades Again

    Look into patreon if you haven't already
  2. Trinity rgh2 Mobo (case) temp 256°

    It uses sensors which are built in.So long as the cpu & memory are normal it's most likely a faulty sensor as your mobo would've burnt the house down by now
  3. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    The ban should come for not searching first.Your best bet Gavin is ignore questions about release dates & those of us having a bit of fun with it,until such time a new thread opens up with the actual upload link to the next release of aurora
  4. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    If i was mean i'd save a release announcement for April 1st
  5. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Next week local time weds exactly. What ! my guess is good as anybody else's
  6. XBox 360 Noob Questions

    Apparently its possible to clone an original xbox hdd by using HDDRawCopy.Its also used to do ps2 hard drives.I see no reason why it won't do a 360.Its a pc app.It may be necessary to run as admin.To use any other partitioner software on a pc you'll need to use sector by sector.However i'm not aware of any that can copy a 360 drive.I've tried others attempting to do an original xbox hdd,however it only created C & E & didn't create or copy data on F & G.Its worth a shot with hd raw.Otherwise my advice format the drive in the xbox then use a pc app to transfer data to it while it's in a usb case.Partybuffalo should be able to do it.Can't remember if 360 content manager can move data while drive is connected to a pc.Failing that ftp or 360 content manager,while hdd is in 360
  7. Request missing covers to be added

    This will have to do until the right one is uploaded cars 3 cover in brazilian by carterskype at freecovers https://mega.nz/#!ucVyxb5b!7zzOkABfdFnsYHL91-vePkWr1FYScqARgdjDw4mqMe8
  8. DLC songs for Rock Band wont play

    A coding tool & unless you've done coding it'll look like gobbledeegook
  9. Video capturing

    Even with a capture card your going to need a grunty computer to be able to process & convert on the fly if you want a decent quality recording.The only software i know of that can run on average hardware is fraps which converts the vid to avi,however this is playing a game on a pc & not having to deal with a capture unit or xbox.So before spending money make sure your pc is up for it as OBS & the other one i can't think of require some serious hardware,then again my quad doesn't support hyperthreading which would make a huge diff
  10. Request missing covers to be added

    I have cars 3 cover if you want it however its brazillian,its the same as this one in link below.It'll do for now until you get the right one.send a pm & i'll link you to a member version on my cloud which will be better in detail http://www.freecovers.net/view/0/07ea47a5bd0b87102c2f5e215e5b9b0f/front.html
  11. LiNK Hacker Dump

    So what your saying is if i'm not mistaken is there's too many hackers or hackers with multiple handles,so you end up banning players through the whole game,which means you end up moderating your own room without very much gaming,as your busy banning hackers
  12. LiNK Hacker Dump

    If rooms are all private how do you get players in if they don't know the password.Can't advertise the password here as then its public knowledge
  13. new external hdd

    your last paragraph & my answer its padding.I'm in the process now of re-doing all the iso's i ripped & using isotogod to create smaller iso's since i have no need of live
  14. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    English must be used in the english part of the forum. "VAO LANÇAR ALGUMA VERÇAO COM O AVATAR " Some games if not all will not launch without avatar data ,i'm wondering what this has to do with aurora ?
  15. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    cheers link bookmarked & page saved for future reference