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  1. Hi forum!! I have a problem using aurora.... when I start the 360, start aurora and scan the files.....when the scan is running the xbox360 shutdown and restart (in a bucle) I think the problem is the 2last game scan files broken the init files of aurora..... what files update the scan?? what location?? (to dellete the last 2 files) thanks for all!!
  2. Can use this Coverflow Layout Editor to add screenshots to main screen?? The idea is see the screenshots in the menu (you can see if you press Y and select preview... but no in the mainscreen) Anyone know if this is possible?? Thanks forum!!
  3. I refer to the updated xbox og retrocompatibility (v2.0 of 12/2017) no to the original (I know the original are fixed & patched but I dont know the last version/ update)
  4. Hi all!! I found this in a microsoft page.... it's a update of xbox original retrocompatibility to 12/2017 (v2) anyone can "patch" them to install the update using aurora?? Thanks!!
  5. This is my question.... If any programmer can edit OGXbox to mod the scale output.... to re-scale to full screen (I think the xbox360 can support mod scale of original xbox to full screen.... if any programmer can mod the OGXbox....the full screen emulation can be possible )
  6. Hi forum!! I try to explain.... I dont try see the xbox original games to hd.... but yes on fullscreen (with the same resolution, but fullscreen) It´s posibble?? ((I based "my theory" on other emulator like a retropie.... retropie can emulate the arcade games with the same resolution of original game but fullscreen on 50' Tv full hd/4k)) If anyone can mod the screen size of the retrocompatibility I believe can run the xbox original games on fullscreen with the same resolution..... I believe this dont be easy.... and I dont know how? But "I have" the idea '''^^ Anyone know anything of this idea?? Thanks and sorry for bad english ; )
  7. Ok! Make you the skin with 2 same screenshots (using base Stand Up by Phoenix.cfljson ).... and I try to edit your skin to load two different screenshot.... I need know what app you use to edit the theme. Thank you!
  8. For why reason 2 screenshots wouldnt work?? I dont know the reason.... aurora support 1/8 screenshots.... If you need tester... I prove them.... Or If you have one tutorial and know the app I need to edit the skin.... I can prove to edit them.... Thanks for your help!!
  9. If you press "Y" in the main menu..... and select "preview" (like this) You can view the screenshots of the game.... I only want see this screenshots on main menu (like the image of first post) You think this is possible felida?? (( I use Stand Up by Phoenix.cfljson )) What I need to edit this file?? Thanks for your time & sorry for bad english
  10. Sorry for the section.... if any admin can.... move the topic to the well section.... Felida if you can make them (please!!!) .... I can test them! (Of course) and aurora have automatic screenshot download... I think that you say .... "only" need edit to move screenshot to the main screen and take X&Y position & size...... but I dont know how can do to do it! xD Thanks! Thread moved to Skin section ! Dr.Gonzo
  11. Hi all!! I want to request one theme with suport cover and screenshots in the main screen =) It´s possible?? Anyone know one theme with the screenshots + cover on the mainscreen?? Thanks all! ORIGINAL: MODDED: The idea is if you dont know what is the game.... only with one look.... you know if the game are 1person or 3person, actyon or rol, etc.... If anybody can help to do this.... I try! Thanks Again!!
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